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Date: April 18th 1944
Grandma & Grandpa

April 18/44

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

Am taking for granted you will be staying with Aunt Laura so am addressing this to her place. I received your most welcome letter about a week ago. My what a lovely time you must have had on your anniversary-how I wish I could have been there. I just got your parcel yesterday and opened it last night in our room. Stew Walker, our wireless operator, and myself have a room together. Everything in it was lovely-especially the cake, it wasn't a bit crushed. Thank you ever so much. I also had a parcel from the junior war workers from Kelvington so had a very lucky day.

We were night flying just now but will be through in another four nights if the weather holds out. We don't mind it at all as we get special rations, a chocolate ration before going up on the flip and bacon, eggs, and chips when we return and that really hits the spot after being without it for so long. However it will only last while we are night flying. We are expecting two weeks leave after we are through here and I expect to go to Edinburgh for one week and spend the rest of my time at Hawksworths-you remember the people I stayed with before. I had such a good time while in Scotland before that I want to return.

Our crew got a 48 about two weeks ago and we all went in to Birmingham. We certainly had a lovely time. We went skating and being out of practice it was some fun. Also went to a swell dance which supplied real Canadian music and that was some change.

Bob Scofield is here on the same station. He is instructing in gunnery after finishing his operations. He has his wife up here with him. I saw her one night in Stratford. They have invited me up for supper some night so will be going the first chance I get.

We are at last beginning to have nice weather here. The leaves are coming out and flowers are blooming-it really makes you glad to be alive after the last few months of cold and wet. I haven't had any news from mother lately-I guess they are pretty busy with the chicks.

I guess you heard I saw Milton o.k. He came up here, but we were only together for the evening so didn't have much time together. I might add a note here to Laura-I received your cigs allright Laura-thanks a million. Also some from Winnie and the legion at home so have just had enough to see me through. You'll never know how much I appreciate it. Will be writing you after I get some more news-probably after my leave. Well folks I guess this is all for now. Say Hello to Eileen and the rest of the folks out there.

Love to you all,

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