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Date: January 24th 1945
Dad & Family


Dear Dad & All,

Just returned from my week's leave in London last night, and found your most welcome letter waiting for me. I believe I told you in my last letter that I was going to London for my leave with a Newzie that I knew in Canada. His name is John Cossons and we had a grand time together. My next leave shall be with Hawksworths and the one after that I intend to spend in Edinburgh with Johnny.

We did quite a bit of sight-seeing while there. We went through Westminster abbey and saw all the graves of the famous men. There is a lot of the abbey closed up as it has been blitzed. Also went around Parliament buildings but could not get in as they were having a natter on inside. Also had a look at no. 10 Downing Street. We then went to St. Paul's Cathedral which is a marvelous building. It would take a couple of days to go through it in normal times but it too has unfortunately been blitzed. We went down in the crypt and saw the tombs of Wellington, Nelson etc. and many other interesting things which are too numerous to mention. We then went up to the whispering gallery (500 some stairs we had to climb) which practically gave me the creeps. It's hard to believe unless your actually there. A man whispers softly to us, about a 100 yards away and you'd swear he was standing beside you. We then went to the tower of London where we were shown around by beef eaters. It was all very historic and interesting. As you remember from History, it was a prison in the olden days for famous people, Raleigh, etc. Going through all these places makes me want to take up history again. We also went to a couple of theatres which as you know the English are crazy about. I'd just as soon see a good movie myself.

I got a very big disappointment when I go t back to the squadron. We have had six inches of snow and it's so cold it's past the funny stage. I couldn't sleep last night and don't expect any different until the weather changes. I can't put any more blankets on as they are practically touching the roof now. I'm in my room now which is a single and very comfortable with the fire on, but it goes out an hour after I get to bed and an hour after that I wake up, dreaming of the central heating days and praying it won't be long before I get back to them. I sometimes wish I had gone home when I was offered the chance.

Am so glad to hear that you are pleased with the hatchery, and from the sound of things you should go over with a bang. It's too bad it only lasts for four months of the year, but I suppose you work enough in that time for a year's work. Of course go ahead and use my money in the bank-don't hesitate to take it all if necessary. I thought I had made that clear before coming over here.

Had a letter from Mrs. Miller who asked me if I had received her Xmas parcel-am very sorry to say I haven't. Also had a letter from Pauline who is stationed about an hours ride from here, so should be seeing her in the near future.

As you see I must close for now but have run out of news anyway. I imagine I shall be doing quite a bit of letter writing in the next few days.

All my love,

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