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Dear mother

I hope you are all quite well. I had a letter yesterday both from you & from Emmy, & Emmy send me a splendid parcel of candies & cigarettes & tobacco, was'nt it good of her.

yesterday we were inspected by the General in command of our Army Corp. He congratulated us on the way we had behaved in the Trenches, we are the first Canadian bunch that have come out of here, & gone straight into the Trenches, as far we have lost very few men.

Today is pretty we, but as we are back again on a rest camp it does'nt matter very much. I've met quite a few Canadians out here that I knew in Canada, but so far havent seen any Englishmen I know
I am trying to write on this paper with nothing to rest it on, [?] of hard work.

A few day's ago I saw the funeral of one of our Brigade that were killed in action. they were buried just at the back of the Trenches, it seemed very queer to listen to the service with the artillery firing away over head; the marked their graves with a Wooden Cross, with their name, Rank & Regiment printed on it.

There was a few of the Cheshires buried in the same place.

yesterday was pay day, they pay us 50 francs a month that leave's a dollar a day [?] for us in England a franc is 10 pence.

Please thank Emmy for me for her parcel it was good of her to send it to me, I havent had a letter from mag lately I expect I shall hear soon
Give my love to them all at Home I will let you have a card again in a few days

I remain

your loving Son


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