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Date: December 31st 1916

Central Military Convalescent Hospital
College Street
Dec 31, 16

My Darling Kitty

Just a few more lines to finish up the year 1916 with. I wish that I could say that this would be my last letter to you before leaving Toronto. I guess that will come in time though dear I am afraid I haven't much news for you this time darling so you must excuse me if this is a short letter. I just thought that it would be a nice ending to the year to sit down and write you a few lines as its impossible for me to be with you to see the New Year in. I suppose tomorrow morning all kinds of resolutions will be made and broken before the day is out. I hope the coming year will be a much better one than this year has been for you dear. For myself it promises to be a much better one than any previous one has been. The best one so far has been this year, I came back to you early in the year, which in itself was a time never to be forgotten, March 11th 1916 was one of my Red Letter days. Then Nov 30th was another one. The day (or rather night) we became engaged. The day of days is to be in 1917 and the sooner it comes along the better because on that day I, at any rate, cease to just exist and commence to live a real life, and one worth living. Well darling I guess you will think I am feeling a bit mushy by this letter. But I think at this time of the year its usual for a person to look back on the old year & recall incidents that has happened, and to look forward to what the new one has in store. That is just what I am doing as I write this, and I look forward to the New Year full of confidence & hope for what it has in store for me. I hope sweetheart that this will find you in the best of health and that you have as much confidence in the New Year as I have, and that you will never regret the promise you made to me on that Thursday night. Well darling I guess this is all for this letter so will close with tons of love & millions of kisses XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Your Own Ever Loving

P.S. Give my love to Jim & Mollie & the two boys, Am going out for the day tomorrow, car coming at 11 a.m. Bye Bye sweetheart Jack

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Original Scans