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Date: December 5th 1915

C/o Mrs C[?]
Crescent Rd
New Barmet
Dec 5th 1915

My Dearest Kate

I received you letter of Nov 4th just after I had written & posted my last letter to you. Thanks so much dear for the picture of the High School pupils Nora Ault comes out fine in it. I must write to Mr Ault in a few days I haven't written to them for a long time now I guess they will think I am dead I got a letter from Jim & Necia the same day that I had yours, theirs was posted on the 9th. They gave me a severe reprimand for writing so many letters & told me to wait until I am stronger before doing so much pencil pushing. One would think that I really am sick by that & if I get any more like I shall begin to think I am too! Don't worry about me dear I only write when I feel like & it helps to pass the time away I have been thinking if its because you are afraid I wont want any nursing when I get back. If it is you can set your mind at ease on that score I'll promise you that you shall have enough of that for a time but I hope you wont get tired of it too quick. The doctors orders to me are that I have plenty of sea air but must be quiet with a nurse in constant attendance on me These orders only apply to Victoria BC He said she need not be a qualified nurse just one to keep me amused & to do a little spooning once in a while. I told him I thought I could find one to suit the requirements. What do you think of the job eh? Just fancy you telling me not to write you long letters. Would a postcard do? (I dont think) No dear I wasn't scared a bit of the Zepps. In fact I thought it was a grand sight to watch but of course I regret the damage they do & the lives lost in the Air Raids but it was just like old times with the shells bursting in the air but there was no necessity to duck under cover because they were quite a distance away from us I am glad in a way that you are not coming to England although it would be fine to have you here when I am on furlough but it wont be long now before I am on my way back to Canada a couple of months or so wont be long going by & then I shall be counting the days until I reach Victoria. I think I shall stay at Jims place on the way out for a few days or a week as I haven't seen him since he left home in 1906 & it costs so much to get there from Victoria so it will be better to see him on my way back. I am still at Shorncliffe but hope they wont keep me much longer. Am enclosing a card to wish you the compliments of the season & I hope you will have a right good time Will send you a present later but its impossible to get out here to get anything so you must forgive me if it arrives late. I have no more news for you this time dearest so will close with best of love & tons of kisses XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Your Ever Loving

Have a good time for Xmas dear - let me know how you enjoyed yourself Jack.

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