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Date: August 30th 1915

Aug 30th 1915
L Ward
No3 London
General Hospital

Kind Regards to all friends hope to see you all before long

My Dearest Kate

I guess you will be surprised to hear that I am once again in Old England I should have written to you before but we have been kept so busy with visitors that I haven't had much chance of writing I should think half of London has been in here since we arrived last Wed night My Uncle & Aunt & Kitty came to see me yesterday (Sunday) & I expect Mother will be up next Sunday Its needless for me to say that we get better treatment & food here I get hot fomentations twice a day on my leg & sometimes in the night if I am awake A little different to being dressed once in four days with Vaseline We also get our backs attended to as well so I ought to soon get well now The nurses here cant make out what the German doctor was doing with my leg to take it off so short & the bad work they put in on it I have to have some more bone taken off but I dont think it is a very painful operation then after the stump is got hard enough I shall get a leg fitted on but that wont be for a few weeks yet They are fitting them up with good artificial limbs here Our Lady was here the other day & said she saw one man with two artificial legs run up & down steps & another with two hands able to do almost anything with them I received three letters from you & one from Necia on the afternoon before we left [?] I was wondering if anything was wrong with you as I had not heard from you for such a long time but when I got your letter saying you had you had been writing to Aldershopt I knew the reason. My letters to you must have been lost or the mistake wouldn't have been made as I wrote to you at least every fortnight (shall be able to write more frequently now) I had to laugh when I read you letter where you said you thought it was too true that I was in England & to think that I was leaving the next morning for England. I guess Will has had a letter from Audrey to say that I was there. They came around with a list of missing men in July & I saw my name on it but not the regiment just No 4 Corp Canadians I gave them my regimental address & it was sent back to London About a month after another letter came back to say this other fellow was in Aldershopt & who it was enquiring for me & that they had written to mother to ask her if she knew Will & of course she wrote back to say she didn't know him That other fellow was in my company He came from Alberni now dear I suppose I must tell you about the journey home. We left Camp at 5 a.m. travelled 1 ½ miles to the station there we were put in the train for Colon arrived there at midnight. Our first meal that day was at Cassel at 2.30 p.m. nothing to eat before we started & then we went until 10 p.m. before having any more to eat we stayed in Colon until 5 a.m. & then left for Aachere where we were inspected We stayed there two days & were treated well there we left for Flushing & landed at Tillbury Docks on Wed last about 5 oclock in the evening We had a fine trip on the boat & the Dutch people were very kind to us many of the nurses cried as we were taken off the boat Well dear I guess this is all now so will close with heaps of love & tons of kisses XXXXX

From your Ever Loving

Will write again in a few days.

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