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Date: August 30th 1914

Aug 30th 1914

My Dearest Kate

I am writing a few lines as we are crossing the prairies. I tried to write wile we were in the Rockies but the snowsheds made it so dark that I gave it up. Please excuse pencil & writing as its rather shaky in the train I tried to write with ink but couldnt make it. We arrived a Calgary about 2 oclock this morning I got up & went out but didn't see anything of Jim I should have wired him & told him I was on my but it is such a crush every time we stop & the train only stops to take on coal & water. We are having great receptions all along the line at Mission Junction they had lots of fruit & magazines for us & we brought a lot from Victoria that the Daughters of Empire gave us We are having good food on the train The CPR are feeding us & they have supplied us with straw mattresses & pillows which is quite a luxury. Yesterday we got out & had about 15 minutes exercise and lots of the boys had a swim about 7 oclock in Shuswap Lake. One of them was nearly drowned there he went down twice before he was noticed luckily he was pulled out alright. They say that one of the Highlanders jumped off the train soon after we left Vancouver & broke his next I dont know if it was as bad as that because the train didnt stop but I think one of them did jump off I guess he had cold feet We are having great weather for travelling I hope it will keep fine until we are properly settled in camp. They say that an epidemic has broken out there & the camp is quarantined If that is correct I dont suppose we shall be sent there & its probable we shall be sent right to England to join the regts we are not sure about that yet If we do go right to Eng I will wire & let you know so as you wont be waiting a week or ten days for a letter & then be disappointed Well Dear what did you do with yourself today Did you to Deep Cove or Wilkerson Road I hope you enjoyed yourself but I expect you felt a little blue never mind dear cheer up I'll be back some day & when I do come back I'll never leave you again like this. I was afraid I was not going to see you in the crowd at the wharf I had my eyes skinned all the way along from Govt St trying to pick you out in the crowd & when I heard you call my name it was such a relief as I was afraid you were away back in the crowd & couldnt get through I think tats the biggest crowd I ever saw in Victoria the wharf was swarming with people & along the Dallas Road people were out to give us a shout as we passed. I met Jim the night before I came away got on the same car so it wasn't him that went with the 5th You know that horseshoe Andy gave me I think I must have lost it on the sand coming across from our Island you remember hearing something drop I think it must be that as I missed it early next morning. I guess the tide has washed it away by now but if you do happen to find it will you send it on to me when you know where I am Well Darling I think I will close now with tons of love & kisses XXXXXX

Ever yours Jack

P.S. Remember me to Alice & Billy Mrs Skelton & family Sorry I could not see them before I left

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