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Date: April 16th 1915

April 16th
C/O N Spencer Esq
Duncan[?] P.O.
Duncan[?] P.O.

My Dear Jack

Many thanks for your three letters of the 14th, 18th & 21st of March, its funny how they all come together isn't it? I wonder if you get mine like that. I was awfully glad to hear that you were alright & to hear that you were having a rest from the trenches. I'm sure it must be heavenly to get away from them for a time, especially after the "hunting" expeditions, but I suppose you have those in the billets too. I guess you would appreciate the bath & clean clothes after wearing the others for so long. I suppose I wouldn't know you if I met you when you had just come out of the trenches all over clay & rather badly in need of a shave. Guess your glad you don't need to shave so often! (You never did care about it very much I think!) I'm glad you got the photo alright, it seems such a long time since I sent it to you, I think you'll like the big one better, but its no use sending that to the 'front'. I've been sitting on the verandah to write this, but its too hot out there now, so I came inside. I was nursing baby when I started this, so please excuse the scribble. I was sorry to hear about the boy that was shot in the head & killed, it must be terrible to see anything like that, & there must be hundreds of such cases, doesn't it make you wish you had never gone when you see all the dreadful slaughter that is going on? I'm afraid the very thoughts of so many dead buried around would be enough to make me a coward, its to be hoped they are buried deep down or it will be awful in the hot weather, you'll all be ill from the smell. Do some of the Germans speak English? it must be difficult for you to understand what they say. I can't quite make out whether you are in France or Belgium as the addresses are always torn off your letters. Ought I to write 4th Batt. on your address as I see by the papers that you are called that now? I should like to hear you all singing especially after the rum. Am glad they give you something to cheer you up a bit. Shall expect you to help us sing when you come back. Its lucky thing your blanket wasn't on your back when the bullet hit it. I'm glad you were able to "celebrate" a little bit on St Patricks day, it would relieve the monotony a bit. It must be sad to see the ruined houses the Germans have left behind, doesn't it make you long to crush them right out? I see in to-days paper that two more zeppelins have visited England & wounded quite a lot of people. I have not heard from your mother yet; I hope she is keeping well. Glad you & C. Small manage to have a chat sometimes, kindly remember me to him & to J Hibberd when you see them again. I think March 21st must have been a glorious day from the account in your letter, no wonder your thoughts roved to Cadboro Bay! its always sunshine there isn't it? Didn't you think a little bit about Cordova Bay too? I hope you succeeded in getting some smokes from home, I don't like to think you are short. Am still having a good time here, kept busy going out to afternoon tea, & I must say I like it. Now dear bye-bye for the present, fondest love & kisses

Your Loving Kitty
(Thats my name here)

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