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Date: October 12th 1943
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

October 12th, 1943

Dear Mom:

Here is the letter that I should have written Friday to let you know that the box arrived safely also Shirley's shirt and Pat's tie. Everything was welcome there isn't much left of the box just the soap and a few cookies.

Yesterday I was issued with my winter walking out uniform. The sleeves are a little long so I am going to take it over to the tailor to be altered. There is only one trouble with having it and that is that it is just one more uniform to worry about when you move.

Did I tell you that I had bought myself a pair of black oxfords about a month ago. Now I think that I should have waited as I was issued a pair yesterday. Just the same they will come in handy, I will wear the issue ones and save my own.

Now that I have the walking out, the shirt and tie will come in that much handier. So thank Shirley and Pat.

At the present time I am well supplied with socks. I have five pairs of heavy ones, and four light pairs, two pairs I was issued with.

The watch is running just grand. Did my old one arrive safely, I mailed it about two weeks ago?

October 13th

Well I started this yesterday noon and didn't get time to finish it, would have finished it last night but I went out.

The other day I had a letter from Bob he wants me to try to get into Toronto the weekend after next. I don't know if I can make it or not. He has a long weekend from Friday night until Monday morning. The best that I might be able to get is from Sat. noon until Sunday night.

We only have a couple of weeks left here as yet I have not been able to find out any thing definite about my furlough. The other day the sergeant major said that he thought I would get it all right.

I was surprised to hear of Mrs. B. going to work, I wonder what struck her. Bill was sure lucky to get home again so soon.

Well I am going to close for now I have to go out on parade in a few minutes.
Love Ted

P.S. The "Happy Gang" is on while I am writing this, we hear about 10 mins of them every day.