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Date: May 26th 1945
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

#1 S.B.L.
May 26th/45

Dear Mom;

Again I have slipped with my letter writing.

At least now I know for sure what I think of this place. As before the grub and beds are fine. To come right to the point the laundry is a mad house. The main reason, the ones who are running it don't know how it should be run. They are pushing through more work than the place is built to handle. It could be handled if they could put full crews on each shift. It is a darn good thing all the kids working here are in the army and can't walk off the job or there wouldn't be any one left.

At the present time I have just one thought in mind and that is to get out of here but I have no idea when that will take place.

Did I tell you I am working in the stock room which is not too bad a job. We handle all the stuff that is finished and ready to go out. It sure keeps you hopping taking the stuff in and filling the orders to go out. Just the same it is one of the best jobs in the place. The whole thing still adds up to I don't like the place. Another thing, I don't like the Ordinance and that is who run this place.

Now to change to subject, 300 British Consuls arrived a few days ago which help a lot. Last week box 31 caught up with me then today 32 arrived. The bars are most welcome, the beans and cans of soup are good. The cookies took a bit of a beating but were still eatable.

The book for Jill is grand. I will be getting a leave soon and will take it down then.

I had a letter from Mrs. Davis yesterday asking me down again. I will write to her when I finish this.

I don't know what Bill is doing now as I have not heard from him for some time now. I am going to write to him so I can try to see him again this leave.

This is the end of the paper so I have to close for now. Good-bye for now.