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Date: March 28th 1945
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

K_____ Gnr. Loney E.J.
#2 C.A.R.U.
March 28th/45

Dear Mom:

Here I am again. It is raining and we have been filling in slit trenches around camp. We have stopped for a while in the hope that it will stop so we can continue without getting soaked.

The other day the S.M. told me that I am going on a driver mechanics course about the 10th of April. Also that I may be getting a hook! That will mean another 10¢ a day and the rank of Lance Bombardier which won't be too bad. I don't know where the course is but I will let you know.

As far as mail is concerned use the same address until I send a new one.

As for the sing-song we had it was a lot of fun. The way it started I bought some music for Jill. She has taken piano lessons but not popular so she wanted to try it as she doesn't like the other. By the way could you dig up a book with the piano chords in I tried to get one here but they are just not to be had. You had best get Audrey to pick it out as she knows pretty well what is needed. That is all that I think she needs as you can get music with the chords on it. You can send it along in one of the boxes.

Box 26 arrived the other day and some cigs (L32130). Now that the weather is getting warmer you don't need to send the Oxo as we don't have the fires in the hut so we have trouble getting water hot enough for it.

I have just been looking through some of the letters I have here. The one with the clippings of all the rain and the one with the clippings of Kenora. I got quite a kick out of them.

It is too bad that the Brassingtons have to go back to Wpg. What is Betty going to do, is she staying there but I guess she will for now as she knows on one in Wpg.

You mentioned my moustache in one of your letter I have had it for some time now in fact it is the second since I came over. The first was cut off just before I went on my first leave. No you do not have to take them off if you leave England. You can tell dad that I intend keeping it under control and not develop into handle bars.

I had ration cards with me this time when I was in Torquay so that helped a lot.

Tell Pat her "Pin Up Girls" are very nice and to keep up the good work.

Well Gordy has gone back, I think he left the negs. he had at home but I am sending what I have along. The others will come also if and when I get them.

Thanks for the Easter card and tell Oddie I got her letter and will answer it.

It has stopped raining so I will have to go back to work so I will close for now. Give my love to all.