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Date: June 11th 1944
Audrey Loney
Ted Loney

June 11/44

Dear Audrey

Your letter arrived this AM so I am going to answer it before I forget.

To start with I received a letter from Ken last week. I don't know just when he wrote it as the date that he put on the letter was March 23rd, but I think that he meant May 23rd, it would have to be, as on the 23rd of March I was in Kenora. As yet I have not answered his letter but I am going to try to find time today.

Well at long last I am working on the guns. I went into the gun sheds on Thursday. The first job that I have to help do is to strip, clean and paint four guns, it is going to take about a week before we finish. The work is grand as there is something new to learn about the guns every day. I am to work there for a month then I have to take a trades test as I have to qualify over here as well as in Canada.

By the way if anyone should ever mention that they don't shine brass over here they are crazy, as ours has to spotless at all times even if you don't wear it.

Just to keep us interested they put us on guard duty about one night a week. On those nights we lose a lot of sleep then we have to go on parade in the morning. Now that I am in the gun sheds I get out of that.

The last couple of weeks I have been trying to make some lighters. Up to date I have started three but cannot get the parts to finish them. I can get the parts in the town that is near by so I hope to have them finished in the next week. If they turn out alright I will send one home. I am also looking around for some material to try to make some ash trays.

You mentioned taking the bike out of the moth balls, will I am glad to hear that as it no good to anyone in the attic. It is too bad that there is not another one for Shirley but I guess that both of you can come to some agreement with the one. All I have to say about the bike is keep it oiled and don't ride it with the tires soft.

Just about everyone over here rides a bike and I have often wished that I had mine here. It would only be in the way when I move around so it is just as well that I haven't got it.

There isn't very much that I can say about what is going on over here. We do however see a few of the planes heading, other than that things are just as they were before the invasions.

I have met several fellows that I took my training with in Canada. I met the fellow who was our drummer at Grande Prairie. He has been over here nearly a year.

Are you going to stay with the job that you have now or are you going to move again before you settle down?

As yet I don't know where Ken is but if he is close enough I will try to meet him. At the present time we cannot travel more than 20 miles so I hope that he is in range. If he isn't we will have to wait until the ban is lifted.

I have been moved to "F" battery so you can change that in my address.

Well I am running out of paper and I haven't said much.

Tell Mom that I got the letter with Mrs. Coppins' mother's address in it. I can't go to see her as she is about 150 miles away.

I will close for now.