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Date: January 4th 1946
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

Jan 4, 1946
No.7 Repat Depot
"A" Wing

Dear Mom:

It looks as though I will be home before long now. The camp closes on the 10th and there will only be a rear party left to clean up. I hope that I am not on that.

We will go to another Repat then get a leave and if all goes well when we return we go right on to the boat. That would mean that I should be home for Pat's birthday.

Bill has written I guess and told you that I spent New Year's Eve in Torquay with him. I went down on Friday night and found that he was away for a weekend so didn't see him until Monday morning. We didn't do very much during the day except talk. He did meet the Davis family and the Browns. I hope that he will go and visit them again as he is not far from their house. He has a blonde that he running around with there which keeps him busy most of the time.

We went to a dance in the evening and had a fair time but there was something missing and we couldn't seem to get going good. We didn't even get feeling good but I don't think it would have helped if we had.

The Christmas parcels arrived just before Christmas. Everything was grand. The boys have threatened to throw me out of the hut with that whistle. I can play it a little.

I spent Christmas at a farm near camp, one of the boys knows the people and [they] had asked him to come and bring someone with him. It was very nice but I would rather have been home. You don't need to worry about sending any more parcels or cigarettes.

I had a parcel from Les & Ev I guess that is the one you said was coming from the neighborhood.

Before I close I must wish Audrey a Happy Birthday and also Shirley as I missed hers.

Goodbye for now,
All my Love