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Date: August 1st 1945
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

K_____ Gnr. Loney E.J.
#7 Cdn. Repat. Depot
"A" Wing
August 1st/45

Dear Mom:

Here I am again, since I last wrote I have been on leave and as you can see by the address I have made another move.

Before you get any ideas about the address I am not on my way home I am just part of the help around here. The job I have at the present time is driving a truck. To tell the truth I don't even know if I am to stay here or not I may end up in the army of Oc. yet.

I had a grand leave, to start with I went up to Stoke where I spent two days. While I was there I was shown through the plant which is not operating. It has not been operating since 1940 as part of the plant was taken over to make munitions. They expect to have part of the plant in operation by Oct. but not for the export trade. They say of all goes well that should start around the first of the year.

While I was there I stayed with the managing Director Mr. Cousland. He and his wife were grand to me. I have been asked to come again for a few days on my next leave.

From there I went down to Torquay again where I spent the rest of my leave. This time I was lucky it didn't rain very much.

I have seen just about everything there is to see in that part of the country now.

Mrs. Davis, Stephen and I went down to Dartmouth Naval base near there for one day which made a grand change. We didn't do very much walking as the place is full of hills, just sat and looked at the boats. Jill and I were out for several walks and took in a few of the places around town that I had not been to yet.

The four of us went swimming one evening after a nice warm day and much to our surprise the water was quite cold so we did not stay in very long.

The night before I left Jill and I cycled to Brixham which is about 8 miles away. There isn't much to see there but the fishing fleet and that is much the same as any around home only they are all trawlers.

Well here I am nearly at the end of the paper but before I finish I want to thank you for box 35 which arrived while I was on leave. Also for all my July mail which caught up to me in one bundle (6 letters). The pictures of Audrey are grand.

Love to All

Minton Hollins said that they are sending Dad his cheque as soon as they could arrange it with the bank.