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Date: April 26th 1944
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

Halifax, NS
April 26/44

Dear Mom

Well I am still here but expect to be moving in the near future.

I have turned in my summer outfit and my walking out uniform and have been issued with a new resperator (gas mask). So it looks as though I am going.

This time I bought a hundred dollar bond or I should say two fiftys. I bought one when the drive started then this morning I bought another. The reason that I got the second is because I am getting trades pay now.

The Readers Digest arrived the other day and last week the paper, thanks for both.

The day before yesterday I got a pair of socks from Barbara. At the present time I do not need them very bad but they will come in handy. The socks that we are issued with now have a lot of cotton in them so they are not as good as the old ones we used to get.

You mentioned that I might try to get into the air force. At the present time I am going to wait and see how things turn out. If by any chance they should try to put me in another outfit I will try then. Lately quite a few of the boys have been going into the navy. You said once before that you did not want me to go in the navy so I will stay out of that. I think that I could get in with out any trouble now if I tried as they are looking for trades men.

I am not surprised that it would cost so much to put a basement under the rest of the house. There would be some sense to getting the present wall fixed and having a door put in. Then we could clear out part as you say and make use of it.

It is too bad that Betty's dad has passed on, she seems to [be] having her share of trouble lately.

Will you ask Mrs. Coppins for the address that she was going to give me when I was home as I may be using them. Also will you see if you can get Ted Armstrong's address. When I was in Calgary I got Gord's from Uncle Charley.

How is Audrey doing with her new job, fine I hope. From what you said she liked it fine.

I may have to send some of the stuff that I have with me home when I go as we may not be able to take the two kit bags over, if that is the case I will not have enough room.

Will write again soon.