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Date: April 2nd 1943
Marion Loney (Mother)
Ted Loney

April 2, 1943
Grande Prairie

Dear Mom:

Well here is another letter, I am not writing as often as I was at first but I guess that is because I am not around the camp as much at night.

Last night a chum (the only other Catholic in the bunch I am with) and myself went to a bingo party the church in town was putting on. We played all evening and didn't win a thing. Both of us were disappointed as the prize was a dollar. I guess between us we spent about 5 dollars but we had a lot of fun.

By the way the Chaplin's name is Fr. Campbell. He is just a young fellow around Fr. Teague's age. As yet I have not had a chance to talk to him for long.

You asked in your last letter if I am here for 6 or 8 weeks. I am here for 8 weeks, have just finished my 5th week, 3 to go. I should be leaving here about the 26th, Easter Monday. I don't get any leave when I leave. From here I go directly to my advanced training in the anti-aircraft.

The last bunch that left here about a week ago in the anti-aircraft went to Halifax. So I am keeping my fingers crossed as I don't want to go that way yet if I can help it.

This week we had a taste of tear gas, it really makes you cry for a little while. It was funny to watch the boys coming out of the gas chamber, their eyes were all red, tears running down their cheeks just like a bunch of kids. When you go in the chamber you have your gas mask on but after you have been in there a few minutes you have to take it off for 2 minutes then they let you go outside. The effects are all gone in about 5 minutes.

We also had a nose gas, it effects your nose and makes you feel as if you don't give a darn for anybody, you just want to crawl in a hole and die. Some of the boys were sick to the stomach from that gas. But the effects of that one were gone in about 2 hours. We had it about 10 in the morning but were ready for lunch.

We had a test today on the gas and gas mask. We had to put the gas mask on in 8 seconds. The mask is carried in the haversack on the left side that is the sling position or in the ready position which is upon the chest just under the chin. You have to get it on in the same time from both positions. Boy do you have to travel. They come along after you get it on and hold the hose so that no air can get through it and they tell you to breath in, if you go purple and don't get any air it is on all right. By the way I passed OK.

Went on the range for the second time on Wednesday morning. The last time we were on I made 20 out of a possible 25, this time I did the same. It was just grouping you have to put all your shots in a group inside a 2 in. circle. The group can be anywhere on the target. The idea was to take the same sight each time. The next time we shoot we have to get them in the bull but that is where I was putting most of mine so I don't have to worry very much.

Well I received the parcel today with the socks and cookies, thanks very much. Cookies don't last very long around here. I haven't tried the socks on yet but will tomorrow.

Will close now as I have run out of news but will write again soon.
Love to all

P.S. Thank Pat for her letter it arrived the other day safely with Shirley's. Ted
P.P.S. Wrote Gram last Monday.