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Dear Charlie

Sorry I have not written before but we are pretty busy and Em says she won't encourage me in my laziness and writes for me. We received your card and were pleased to hear you were alright.

Everything hear is much the same as it always was grub is getting dearer and costs twice as much as it did but as we are not fighting and are allowed to stay at home in comfort we must think ourselves lucky. I found my pound note when I got home that Sunday night in between those two pieces of emery paper which luckily I did not throw on the fire so that was alright. I hope you will soon do all the Germans in and end this rotten old war.

Nearly all the boys have joined up and I don't suppose I shall be long now though I supposed to be exempt but that remains to be seen I have seen Johnny once or twice since he is about the same, merry & bright. Well Charlie I can't write much now as I have no more to write and I hate the job so you must excuse me and I will write more next time Em & her Mother & Father wish to be remembered to you & Wal and we all wish you a safe & speedy return.

Yours Sincerely,


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