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Date: October 14th 1917

October 14 1917

East Sandlin
Kent England

My Dear Brother

Just a line or 2 hoping you are better from your sore throat but it found me Jake I am glad to say so Colin Dad and Bill Krackle went to church as [?]. The best mother in the world stayed with you [?] do all you can for her and beleive me you wont want for it as there are nobody like your mother and father. I am glad to hear you have got into the Senior second I hope you like your teacher learn all that you can kiddo as you will want all of it I wish I had of went to school more when I had the chance dont think I am fooling cause I am not, glad you can do her work like [?] well how did you like kid day at the Ex how many hot dogs did you eat or ice cream cones did you think of your brother when you were eating them So uncle [?] gave you a pass for all the Midway shows well all I say is you are poor sports afraid to spend a niclel well so Scotty beat the Jew wrestling eh have you still my Base Ball mitt or the Boxing gloves can you lick Colin yet ge I would make you two scrap if I was home I will make Boxers out of you yet well there are lots of airplanes here we are in for more night raids next wee as the full moon is in well can you skate yet I guess ther is not ice yet well now Mel be good and write again soon I remain your loving Brother

Original Scans

Original Scans