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Date: May 14th 1943
Ern & Hilda
Ern\'s Mother

May 14, 1943

My Dears Ern and Hilda:

This your birthday Ern. I didn't send you any present this year as things are not easy to get and we are not flushed with coupons. I know you'll understand Ern won't you?

Now I know you are anxious to know if we have seen Harry. No, not yet. It's now nearly two months since he arrived in England, so we decided it's about time we inquired about Harry, so cousin Doris wrote to the RCAF Red Cross Headquarter, Berkley Square London. Doris wrote a nice letter saying how anxious we were about Harry as there was trouble on the ocean at the time of his crossing. They, the Red Cross, sent me a real nice letter in reply telling us that our grandson had arrived in this country quite safe and was now stationed at RAF Station Wellesbourne - Mountford, Warwick. They also gave me Harry's number which we did not know, and said that address should reach him without delay. So, I wrote to Harry at once, telling him how anxious we were about him and all the rest of it, and how granddad was counting on seeing him. So, now he knows our address (I guess he knows already - you wouldn't have let him come to England without it).

I know you cabled Ern that Harry had arrived in England, but when I saw uncle George, he asked if we had heard from Ern's boy. I said no. Then he told me how so many ships were sunk about that time. Well I really wondered if he had been injured or in hospital. I cannot tell you how thankful we are that Harry is safe so far.

So now I have written to him, it's up to him to write. I have done my best, but we know what boys are for writing letters so we must excuse him and leave it. I know we shall do our best for him if he comes and of course he gets his leave the same as others. He's only about 4 hours journey from here. It's right in the Midlands and not very far from where cousin George Watling is stationed. This country is full of soldiers and airmen. We've lots of Yanks around here (airmen) I like to see them. Now Ern I said in my last letter to you that if I saw Harry, I would cable you, but now I know he's safe, I don't think that's necessary. But, if he comes or writes, I will write at once. I know you will be anxious.

How I do hope you and Hilda and family are all well. Things are looking much better concerning the war, don't you think so?

Dad sends heaps of love and kisses to Billy and Betty. We are glad to know you have a nice little bungalow of your own. I am looking for Harry's picture.

Much love from your ever loving Mother.