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Date: September 1st 1917

Saturday, September 1st, 1917

something unusal occured this A.M. as we didnt have our usual rout march I was sent over to Bridgade H.2. for Medical board they told me to carry on I lay around & read the rest of the day. The weather has been wet all day.

Sunday, September 2nd, 1917

We had quite a change in the weather to day as it was fine I took my usual bath this afternoon. of which the accomadation is fine. We have hot & cold water & also a shower after supper I met fat Drennan of Bdn He has been wounded & is back to the 14th Res for training I also took a five mile walk for a little exercise we took a Kodak along & took a few snaps of the salt wood castle & now for bed. Oh glorious bed. Eh.

Monday, September 3rd, 1917

We were aroused at 12.p.m. on account of air raid at Dover. quite a bit of danger but only one life lost we were quite safe. We only praticed during the day & in the evening we played at the sergants mess & had the best reception that we have got at any plase we played at yet. It was a regular banquet & we certainly enjoyed it very much I have been watching shells bursting in the chanel to-night. The moon is very bright.

Tuesday, September 4th, 1917

Called up again at midnight for air raid. There was nothing doing around camp. But a very heavy death roll of our 200 dead at Chatham a naval base. & looks a good night for fritz to-night. We played at moor Hospital this afternoon from. 2. to 4PM & also played a concert at the Y.M.C.A. on st Martins plains to-night We also recieved a good recpetion & now if Fritz will let us sleep We wont bother anybody to-night.

Wednesday, September 5th, 1917

We had it easy to-day We played the usual parades & the afternoon was spent in sports. We played for the inspection of a draft. in the evening pat & went down to sandgate. & took in a show at the Y.M.C.A which was certainly good not because it was free. We got back in good time & didnt hear any air raid although there was one.

Thursday, September 6th, 1917

The B.M. is away to London for music & we only praticed in the .A.M. & had the afternoon off as we played for officers mess to-night. The Batt orginized an Orchestra to-day & put me on first Violin I haven't had a work out yet. But think I will be able to hold it down with pratice it is only a ten piece orchestra. I will report on it. later. I got a parcel from Miss stone to-day.

Friday, September 7th, 1917

To-day was divisional sports day. We went about two & a half miles to the grounds. & returned at 1.P.M. & only had 45 minutes to get dinner after which we played a draft away to the 8th Batt. We arrived at Folkstone at 4.P.M. We also recieved or buss fair back to camp through the country. of our O.C. Who certainly is a fine fellow. We came back at about 9.P.M. The weather was very hot.

Saturday, September 8th, 1917

We had the A.M. off. I praticed all .A.M. on the Violin. We played a draft away to the 44th Batt in the afternoon in which a few of the old 181st went including Art Drury. an exbandsman. Pat & I had supper in Folkstone & took in a show. & arrived in camp in good time We didnt get our midnight passes this month yet.

Sunday, September 9th, 1917

I slept fine last night and actually dreamed of Bdn. But was disappointed when I awakened. We had our usual church parade. I remained in the lines all-day. We recieved an air-raid alarm at 3.30 It only lasted half an hour no damage done around here. I wrote six letters to-night. The weather has been very dull & cloudy. pat & I had some feed at the S.A. & now I feel like going to bed.

Monday, September 10th, 1917

I felt under the weather to-day with a cold. I just went on p.t. and O.C. parade then slept the rest of the day. I got up at 3.30 P.M. & lay around. after supper I took a walk over to the Y.M. for cup of tea after which I felt better. I retired early to-night. But still feel rater dizzy. But think I will be jake by morning.

Tuesday, September 11th, 1917

I felt much better this A.M. when I got up after having a good nights sleep. I spent the day as usual. We played at the Moore hospital this afternoon & did my washing to-night after which I went for my usual light lunch. I am feeling fine to-night. We had a practice on the orchestra to-day for the first.

Wednesday, September 12th, 1917

We played the usual parades & at 10.45 A.M. we played for an inspection of a draft. in the afternoon we played for Bidgade sports at which the bands of the 18th Res won the first place in P.Y. the 18th took three firsts & four seconds. We played a concert in the Y.M.C.A. to night which went O.K. after which we got a cup of tea & a bisciut for our services But it went down good anyway.

Thursday, September 13th, 1917

We had an easy time this .A.M. & in the afternoon we went & played at the west cliff hospital from 2 untill 4.P.M. after which pat & went down town & had supper then took in a show & arrieved at Sandgate at Y.M.C.A. at about 8.30 P.M. we stayed for the service. after which they gave us a cup of tea & a bisciut so we will go again.

Friday, September 14th, 1917

We had a rather easy time to-day. Praticed a little in the A.M. & did nothing in the afternoon. We played at the officers mess after which we got our usual lemonade. We were just about in bed when word came down for pat to go up to the officers mess to play the piano so the drummer & I went up. I played the violin they had a good time untill about midnight after that was over we could go to sleep.

Saturday, September 15th, 1917

I wittnessed several medals presented this A.M. We had to play for a funeral. We got back to camp at 4.P.M. in time for supper. Pat left at noon on pass to London which he won on Wednesday in the P.Y. Hughie & I went down to sandgate & took in a show at the Y.M.C.A. The show was not as good as usual. We had our usual little feed. All is well. I am better of my cold.

Thursday, September 20th, 1917

feeling so tired after the dance We didnt have any P.Y. We played the troops about four miles out of camp to their field day. Then returned to camp. We were busy cleaning up our hut in the afternoon. In the evening Pat & I went to Folkstone for a Violin string. we made a flying dash as we didn't have enough money to stay for any length of time we didnt have any dance to-night

Friday, September 21st, 1917

I got bauld out this a.m. for not getting up in time for breakfast but I got my breakfast O.K. We played at West Cliffe hospital this afternoon & walked straight back to camp We played for officers mess to-night. & after their mess they sent for Pat & I to go up & play. for them so we took along Walt Milbourn on the cornet & the drummer. & played untill 10.45 after which we had a good feed.

Saturday, September 22nd, 1917

I felt rather tired this a.m. We took quite a long route march we also did out post duty. But we only play on the road. We got back into camp at 1.P.M. I stayed in the lines the rest of the day. I wrote letters in the evening & later in the evening I took up the Violin & played for some time on three strings then the drums started in a short time we had quite a crowd.

Sunday, September 23rd, 1917

pats Brother came to see him last night from France he is with the 1st C.M.R. He stayed with us all night & left for London this a.m. I was really up befor revalie this am. We played a draft away this afternoon. to Folkstone. to the 52nd Batt. We at least pat & I had supper at Folkstone we arrived back early & lay round camp in the evening. We had our usual feed to-night at the S.A.

Monday, September 24th, 1917

I don't know what came over me last night as I slept so sound that I never heard the air raid alarm through the night I awakened untill 6.30 a m too late for breakfast. we spent a very quite day all the a 1&2 men were picked out of the band to go on a mobilization schem for Wed. I went down to Hythe in the evening & was held up on account of air raid no damage Was done around camp though we could hear fritz

Tuesday, September 25th, 1917

We had a quite a.m. & in the afternoon we played at moore hospital got back at 4.15 at 8.15 We were warned for air raid. & believe me they were mighty close We could hear the Whistle of the shrapnel flying through the air & also hear the machines very plainly over head. The sky was rather clear. I don't know what damage was done yet. But Dibgate camp was safe we could see the shells busting in the air quite plainly.

Wednesday, September 26th, 1917

The boys left early this morning. While the rest of we boys were put onto fatigue including the band Why even I was helping to scrub out the orderly rooms. & in the afternoon we got payed Which I recieved two quid & of cours I beat it down town to-night & had a good feed which only cost two shilling we just got home in time as it started to rain .no raid to-night

Thursday, September 27th, 1917

We had an orchestra patice this a.m. & had only three strings & the only Violin playing against six wind instruments & paino so I had to go some. But made out O.K. & every body was satisfied. I did nothing in the afternoon only read. Pat & I went to Folkstone to-night Where I bought some strings while there the air raid alarm was given which caused considerable panic But no damage done here.

Friday, September 28th, 1917

We & We had an orchestra pratice this a.m. Which fine & also again at 2.p.m. The orchestra played for officers mess to-night & we were well received. We also played for a concert held in the canteen The concert consisted of all 18th Res men. & to be sure the orchestra made quite a hit even if we only had very poor lights as there was an other air raid But little damage done.

Saturday, September 29th, 1917

As the troops got back at 6.P.M. last night there was no parade to-day. Pat & I went to Hythe & played for the girls club again There was four raids to-night also down close & often over head. But we kept on playing the girls were very nervious & some of them crying. We left the hall at ten. p.m. & beat it for camp. The raid lasted untill 12.45 p.m. some life.

Sunday, September 30th, 1917

The weather has been perfect all day. We recieved a fine sermon this a.m. & before we could get down town the camp was c. Bd. on account of some fellows showing cowardice on saturday night at folkstone by pushing civials out out of shelter While an air raid was on. I never wittness a better sight than to-night by our guns pepering Fritz in the air.