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Date: October 1st 1917

Monday, October 1st, 1917

I certainly did my org doing P.Y. this am. although I seldom care much about it. But the weather was so fine. We only praticed all day & of course at night why old Fritz came over again as usual but not the fun to-night as there was last night. I am going to bed anyway before all clear [?]

Tuesday, October 2nd, 1917

another fine day of course I can always dopt better in fine weather than any other time. We only praticed this A.M. & this afternoon we played for a funeral took the job for the 14th Res. Old Fritz came again to-night but not around this way as I think things are getting a little too hot for him after Sunday night

Wednesday, October 3rd, 1917

The weather has changed this a.m. when it set in cool & rainning a little. We only did praticing to-day & to-night Pat & I went to Hythe to get some snaps which we got taken last week. But they didn't turn out very good but hope for better luck next time. I got ten shillings from Vivian to-day

Thursday, October 4th, 1917

The weather has changed it has been rainning all day. we only praticed in the .a.m. & did nothing this afternoon only sleep. I spent the evening praticing on the violin & later went to the canteen & spent the remainder listening to pat at the old piano we also have a victoila there for pass time the evenings darkens quickly

Friday, October 5th, 1917

We froze on P.Y. this A.M. We had orchestra pratice both a.m. & afternoon. The Band played for officers mess. After which the orchestra played for a concert held in the canteen at which Col Lackie of the Army staff was present. The concert was certainly good. & we had our cup of coffee & a biscuit after the concert. We got to bed at .12.P.M.

Saturday, October 6th, 1917

We had a mens rain to-day. as it just rained long enough so we didnt have any. P.Y. or O.C. parade so I didnt get up untill after 8.A.M. we only scrubbed out the hut & cleaned it up. & Pat & I went up to Folkstone after supper for a walk or exercise. When we got back to the hut we found a fine fire on. so we went on a coal hunting expedition & were quite successful. Weather cold.

Sunday, October 7th, 1917

Weather cold & wet. we held our church service in the Y.M.C.A. hut & only lay around the hut the rest of the day. I was surprised to see lightening & hear thunder & the weather so cold to day. But it is a fact. I also was busy reading a few good Canadian letters the first I have had for nearly three week. It sure puts new life into a fellow.

Monday, October 8th, 1917

There was no rain this a.m. But still cold. We nearly froze on P.Y. We went & met a range party at. 11.a.m. & played them back to camp. We got back at 1.P.M. & had the rest of the day off. so I wrote letters I just finished writting my sixth letter to night. It has been raining all afternoon & evening & now for bed.

Tuesday, October 9th, 1917

Froze again on P.Y. We practiced in the AM & played at Moore Hospital. say it was a cold job. We got back & had a real good supper. afterwhich Pat & I went down to Sandgate & after doing our shoping of which was small owing to our finiancial circumstances we took in a show or rather a concert at the Y M C A. It was an anglo Belgin orchestra which was worth hearing.

Wednesday, October 10th, 1917

We did our usual course of training to-day. In the evening three of we boys went over to the 11th Res. Segts mess & helped in the orchestra which supplied music for the occasion I had the pleasure of meeting several of the 45th Batt boys We spent a very enjoyeable time. It was through the courtesy of segt Murry of the 45th Band that we recieved the invitation. We arrieved back home. at 12.30 pm. O.K.

Thursday, October 11th, 1917

We had a busy day to-day. We were rehursing with the Batt for a great do. to morrow. after supper the Orchestra went over to the St Martins YMCA with the 18th Res concert party after the concert we were intained to a luncheon at the 8th Res sergents mess. Which was fine & greatly appreciated. While at the Y.M.C.A. I had the pleasure of meeting. Clinton Lackford from Bdn.

Oct 13/17

We arrived at London the big smoke at 4.20 pm at I having Cross station. We first kit for the Egle Hut The American Headquarter Y.M.C.A. & booked our beds which cost us 9D each. We also had a good square meal for supper. The hut is very modern. & convient. a fellow can get anything he wants to eat. at very resoneable prices. After suppor Pat & I went up to see through Madame Tussauds Wax Works for our second time We went all through it this time even through the chamber of horrors. Which has a tendency to make a person shiver to see the heads of criminals that have been executed. of course they

Oct 13/17

are made of Was. We spent about an hour & a half. Then when we came out we didn't know where we were. But as long as a fellow has a tongue to inquire where he is. He can always get around. so we asked the cop. & we were jake We were too late to go to the Theatre. as we had intended to go. so we just walked the streets untill we met a crowd gathered around where an accident had happened & two girls started to talk to us. We couldn't get rid of them untill we shipted away on the tube railway. one was determined on comming back to Canada with me. But nothing doing. When we got back to the hut We met several of the band boys there. There are about 60 beds in the one hut. & feel very comfortable so good night.

Sunday, October 14th, 1917

I slept fine & crawled out at 8.30 a.m feeling fine. & didnt have to fold up my blankets or sweep under my bed oh joy. We had a good breakfast after which we cleaned up our brasses & boots & struck out sight seing. We first went & seen the guard change at Buckingham palace. Which was sure some sight. that is also where the king lives.

Sunday, Oct14/17
11.30 A.M.

We walked around the palace & around by the Hyde park. We strolled through the park & when we came out we were lost we didn't know where we were at all. But all we had to do was to ask a bobbie how to get back to Trafalfar sq. on the strand he instructed us. so we took the bus around through picidally sq & circus. which is a hiigh class part of the city & also the strand. Our hut was on the strand it is also near chairing cross station. We got back in time for dinner of Which we had a good one. at a reasonable price. We struck out at 1.30 P.M to West minster abey to see the installation of the 203 Batt colours. But we had to waite too long so we went & seen the westmister cathedral which was absolutley beautiful.

Sunday Oct 14/17

We next went around by the house of paraliment & across the Thems river over the westmister Bridge. The building are sure pretty. From here we came back & walked about two or so miles down to St Pauls Cathedral. I had the pleasure of going in side while service was on. I noticed the Leigh arch work. & how the voice of the minister echoed through the place. after supper we walked around. But all the theatres were closed & while walking along we met two very nice girls who had lost themselves. so we walked untill we found chairing cross road for them & said good night we arrived back in the hut in good time.

Monday, October 15th, 1917

We very nearly slept in this a.m But managed to get breakfast & catch our train which left at 9.10 .A.M. We arrieved at shorncliffe at 11.30 A.M. & arrieved in camp intime to get a little to eat before parade We didnt do anyting in the after noon so I had a good bath & washed my clothes. lights out go at 9.45 p.m. now. so we have to be in by 9. P.M. tough luck. Eh?

Tuesday, October 16th, 1917

The weather is rough & we again to-day. We praticed all morning. & in the afternoon we had two funerals and as usual it was raining nearly all the way.

But we get free coal issued to us now. so we can get warm when we come in even if we are wet. I was busy to-night writting letters although I havent had any Canadian mail for. over a week.

Wednesday, October 17th, 1917

of course it couldn't rain this a.m. untill after. P.Y. We had an Orchestra pratice this A.M. & this afternoon While the band was away to a funeral I was left to sort Orchestra music Which was some job But I got it all through. & spent the evening in practicing on the Violin. Which I want to be able to hold down. The evening is very wet & cold.

Thursday, October 18th, 1917

The band went over to play for the boys in the M R D. for an hour this A.M. to cheer them up a bit. & in the afternoon we had to play for another funeral it seems that we have to play more funerals than anyother band when their turn comes for duty week as we get it about every three weeks. I was busy writting letters all this evening.

Friday, October 19th, 1917

To-day was a busy day for us we had about an hour orchestra pratice. & went & played at West cliffe hospital at Folkstone this afternoon & played again for officers mess. & from there we the orchestra played for a concert in the canteen given by a London concert party which was very good we had a little fled after-wards at the officers mess.

Saturday, October 20th, 1917

I have slept in every morning this week & missed my breakfast but always got something to eat Pat & I made tea or cocoa got enough of bread from the cook house at supper time to keep us going. so that is how we made out. W didn't do anything to-day only play for O.C parade a big Canadians mail came in & I was busy answering letters to-night.

Sunday, October 21st, 1917

We had our church service over in the 14th Res reading room this A.M. The weather has been fine. as London broke the most of us we are obliged to waite for another weak before we get paid. Oh this is some life. I really got up for breakfast this A.M. old Fritz is at his old game again coming over every night he has out hit us this time yet. But we are here first our lights go out as soon a the warning is given. left in the dark

Monday, October 22nd, 1917

Parades & pratice as usual this A.M. & in the afternoon We had a French & American generals to review the work of the Res of course we had to go out & play for a while. They inspected the canteen & verious departments in the Res. The weather was cool. & cloudy. I was busy writting letters. all evening & had a light lunch befor returing to our good old bed.

Tuesday, October 23rd, 1917

I have been getting up for my breakfast every. a.m. so far if I can only keep it up. We were busy Orchestra praticing both morning & afternoon. & played for the men in the canteen for one hour. The boys were well pleased. The B.M. gave us coffee & biscuites afterwards which were well appriciated by all. I might add that the meals in the cook house are better

Wednesday, October 24th, 1917

We had to turn out on P.Y. this a.m. & spent the rest of the day in orchestra pratice. The weather has been showery & cold. We had a new P.Y. instructor this a.m. He was very good. But had to work hand to keep warm. We are not alloud to ware a tunic putties or a cap. I got two quid from Allan yesterday Which comes in very handy as I was just about broke after being to London.

Thursday, October 25th, 1917

We had only got out on P.Y. this A.M. When it started to rain. We beat it off the parade grounds in disorder Which made the instructor sore We nearly froze while standing on parade In the afternoon we wittnessed the presentation of 11 medals at a Bridgade meet. The forgot mine this time. The Orchestra played for a concert in the canteen to-night. The concert was an amiture concert with four prizes. of ten shillings each. We also had a light lunch afterwords.

Friday, October 26th, 1917

Oh joy we (the Orchestra) got off P.Y. this. A.M. & of course I slept in & missed my breakfast. We had a light lunch at the Canteen befor 8 AM. We had a Muster Parade this A.M. & froze stiff as my initial is W. near the last in the alphibet so had to stay out untill the last. We went to Folkstone & played at West Cliffe Hospital in the afternoon. I met two Brandon boys. fat Drenan & a fellow we call shorty. We also played for officers mess.

Saturday, October 27th, 1917

We took the 251st Batt. & several other units together for quite a long out march this A.M. Which I felt rather tired myself. I got quite a bit of Canadian mail. this week. & very pleased to get it believe me. Pat & I went to Folkstone this afternoon & had a good square meal. We also went to a show. We were not in a hurry getting back as we had a mid night pass. & no place to go. Ha.Ha. Old Fritz came over to-night. But not around here.

Sunday, October 28th, 1917

our church service was held over at Newington church about a mile from camp The church was built over a thousand years. I found it very interesting I noticed tombs in the walls of the church. that were put there in the 18th century the floor was of stone. They have install a fine pipe organ. There are no electric lights they use oil lamps. We were also over there on Oct 25th to memorial service for the 44th Batt. I spent the rest of the day in letter writting.

Monday, October 29th, 1917

We had our usual band pratice in the A.M. & had Orchestra pratice in the after noon. I just sat by the stove in the evening as there was no light on at all. we spent the time in talking about good old times in Canada. later in the evening I had a light lunch at the s.A. which warms a fellow up before going to bed.

Tuesday, October 30th, 1917

The weather has changed it is quite stormy. it has rained all day. we neve had a parade. We had the usual band pratice in the A.M. & had Orchestra practice in the afternoon. under a new conductor sgt Bond late of the 181st band. thing went much better under his direction than previous occasions. I was busy writting letters in the writting room of the canteen to-night.

Wednesday, October 31st, 1917

We had a game of football this after noon which was a tie 1 to 1 & hard playing at 10.30 PM. Just as we were nicely settled for the night old Fritz came over with thirty planes. we got the order to get out as the was over head. there was some fun seing us how quickly we got out & dressed We were kept out untill 2.30 A.M. But I got back & went to bed & slept old Fritz came very low over our huts to get away from our guns. which was hot.