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Date: November 1st 1917

Thursday, November 1st, 1917

I felt rather tired this A.M. after last nights experence. they say there was two bombs dropped on our camp. But I only saw the hole in the ground where one fell & didn't explode. We were orchestra practicing all day & played in the evening for a concert in the Canteen given by a folkstone concert party. & also had a light lunch after wards. thing were much quiter this evening. last night also being Holllewen night. We boys played trick on the boys in the other hut.

Friday, November 2nd, 1917

We follows in the Orchestra had a fine sleep this A.M. & of course missed breakfast. We had orchestra pratice this am & went with the band in the afternoon & played at Westcliffe Hospital. We played for officers mess to-night. We recieved our usual bottle of pop. & those who prefered beer got it. I don't drink it. as I don't like it at all The weather is damp & cold with a good wind blowing.

Saturday, November 3rd, 1917

We had a short route march this A.M. just over to the Queens Hospital. We took a rest there & while the men were resting we were playing for them and also for the patients that were able to be out. Pat I went down to Hythe & from there to Folkston by buss in the afternoon I made a quide took pretty sick by the time we got home.

Sunday, November 4th, 1917

I still like to sleep in on a sunday. A.M. as I generally used to do when I was allowed to do so so I missed my breakfast. We had service at Newington Church I didn't go any place out of the lines in the afternoon or night. I just wrote six letters instead the weather to-day was fine only a little cool. The nights are quite cold. But not 40 below zero by anymeans.

Monday, November 5th, 1917

We had a fine orchestra pratice this A.M. oh I do enjoy that work I only wish. I had nothing else to do. We had to pratice with the band this afternoon. But I have no interest in the band at all as the .B.M. don't know his work & I feel it like a loss of time for us all. Bond is in charge of the Orchestra He is the exbandmaster of the 181st Band. & should be the same here.

Tuesday, November 6th, 1917

Reville was ½ hr later Breakfast at 7.a.m. The weather turned wet after We had our P.Y. We had a fine Orchestra Pratice this. A.M. We went to Moore Bark Hospital & played a concert this afternoon. The weather turned clear and rather warm We played outside from 2 to 3.30 P.M. I spent the evening very quite just praticed in the hut on the Violin. & now for bed from 9.45 P.M. untill 6.30 A.M. oh joy.

Wednesday, November 7th, 1917

finial Orchestra pratice this a m played in the band for a funeral From Moor Baks Weather to-day has been clool. But no rain. And to-night. Well. Oh you grand Hotel We played for a big dance Which only Navel & military officers were there & also a few civies. The orchestra played fine & were incored two & three after each dance. We played from 8.30 PM untill 1.20 A.M. We were highly praised for our services. as it was a charity ball We were conveyed both ways.

Thursday, November 8th, 1917

We got off parades this A.M. also had a fine sleep. We had an orchestra pratice in the A.M. from. 10 to 11.15 AM. & Band pratice in the afternoon. The Orchestra played for the concert in the canteen this evening the concert consisted of all local talent which was very good. The orchestra played their first overture to-night which went very well indeed.

Friday, November 9th, 1917

We all had to get up at 6 A.M. to-day. as we played a large draft to Folkstone for the 102.nd Batt. It was rainning all night. but fine all day. We got back to camp at 10.30 A.M. We went out again at 3.P.M. to meet the rest of the Batt which were out on a field day. we played for officers mess to-night. and as usual we got our Lemonade. & even a small piece of cake.

Saturday, November 10th, 1917

We had a route march this A.M. about six or seven miles. & at 2P.M. we had a transport wagon call for the orchestra to play at the meusum at Folkstone as there was canadian War pictures on exhibition We played from 3 until 8.P.M. & had one hour off for supper Which they payed for. We played with out a piano the pictures were certainly fine.

Sunday, November 11th, 1917

We had to get up at 5.30 A.M. to play a draft away to the 44th Batt. We only went as far as Sir John Moore plains & had to return to Camp to play for the church parade. & also play for the hymns. We go to the Newington Church. & I believe we will attend there all winter. The weather cool & clear. I spent the rest of the day in washing up my clothes as I will be busy every night this week. between the band & orchestra.

Monday, November 12th, 1917

We started bayonet fighting this a.m. instead of P.Y. as we dont know when we will be going over to see Fritz. We didnt do any praticing at all to-day We were paid this afternoon 1lb ½ so Pat & I hit down to Folkstone & went to a show. & also had a good feed. Which cost us 2b each so you see money don't last long. It was the darkest night yet that we came home. & oh you hill.

Tuesday, November 13th, 1917

The weather was very dull all A M but turned out fine in the afternoon We went to moore BKs Hospital & played for the boys for about an hour & a half. While there. There came up a dense fog. Which was heavier than any I have seen before. We could see it comming up on the sea. The meals to day were fine & lots of it. I spent the evening in writting letters. oh I am not book yet.

Wednesday, November 14th, 1917

We had a short Orchestra pratice this A.M & were conveyed to Folkstone & had a break down & had to walk about a mile & carry all our stuff we played at the museum from 3 to 5. p.m. & got the price of a supper but we had supper here at camp so we were ahead on the deal. We played in the evening in the canteen for a concert given by the officers of the R.F.C assisted by three ladies the concert was the best we have had yet.

Thursday, November 15th, 1917

We waisted the morning on account of the. B.M. running around. We had a good orchestra pratice were playing selections which went fine. We played at the sergeants mess from 7.45 untill near 12P.M. they held a farewell reception for five N.C.O.s that leave to-morrow for France to join the 44th Batt I was never in a moor noisier crowd before. intoxicants were sent around. quite frequently. & thank god that I have not fall for it yet

Friday, November 16th, 1917

We left Camp at 9 a.m. with a draft for France to the 44th Batt. The band went as far as Folkstone. We had our dinner at the West Cliffe Hospital & we didn't have any knife or fork. but made out O.K. & the dinner was fine. We played a Concert there in the after-noon. & walked back to camp for supper. We the band played for officers mess for about one & a half hours. & got a drink of Lemonade & a piece of cake. We were lucky to get that.

Saturday, November 17th, 1917

To-day is my birthday but didn't say a word to the boys as o would have had some pounding. The Orchestra played at the museum at Folkstone. from 3 untill 8.P.M. & also had our supper paid for. Then pat & I went down to Hythe after that & played for the girls club fancy dress ball & as usual We didn't get any coin we played there from 8.45 untill 10.45. P.M. & got back to camp by midnight O.K.

Sunday, November 18th, 1917

believe me I was tired when it came time to get up this. A.M. But managed to get up for breakfast. We had to hold our church service out side this A.M. as there was not room in the church for us. We had a chaplin from B. south Africa speaking to us he was good. We had a fine dinner. I spent the rest of the day in writting letters to Canada gods country. The weather is fine for nov 18th compared with Can.

Monday, November 19th, 1917

We had Orchestra pratice both this A.M. & afternoon as the old B.M.. has gone to London to by music for the band. But it does no good as he don't know how to conduct god save the King hardly let alone anything else. He seems asleep all the time & he is also a great. S.A. man. But a poor sample. I was busy writing letters to night. & I also sent some forign coins to Pearl to-night.

Tuesday, November 20th, 1917

We had a short Orchestra pratice this A.M. & the band went to Moore Hospital this after noon & play a concert. But the same old music Pat & I went to Folkstone to-night to buy xmas presents believe me money sure goes fast at least I got rid of a lot in a little while. We went to the movies & struck back for camp When it started to rain. But we don't mind getting wet.

Wednesday, November 21st, 1917

We had a band practice this a.m. which was a waste of time entirely out to balance thing we had a fine Orchestra pratice this afternoon. & also played for a concert in the canteen to-night which was given by seven london girls two of them personating as men. the concert went very good it was a sort of a burlesque show. We played our first selection (Swanny river), which went very good. we also got our coffee & cake after.

Thursday, November 22nd, 1917

We had band pratice this A.M. We went up for an Orchestra pratice. But were only there for a short time When the .B.M. sent up for us to go on parade to play for an inspection of a draft. But we were late so we didn't go out. The old B.M. was sure sore. I was busy all the evening doing up Xmas gifts for Canada. I also recieved four letters from Canada.

Friday, November 23rd, 1917

Well most of the band got into trouble this. A.M. for being late on a muster parade. We had our names taken for to be crimed. We went to Folkstone in the afternoon & played at West Cliffe Hospital the weather to-day was quite warm. We played out side. some difference to that of Canada as there is quite a lot of snow there now. While we have gree grass & also the hedges are green.

Saturday, November 24th, 1917

Ha Ha. I was up before the officer this am, along with 9 others to ans a charge of being late on parade five of us were dismissed as we had a clean sheet. While the others got 3 & 4 days C.B. I was busy doing my washing in the afternoon. & spent the evening in writting letters & praticing on the Violin the weather is cool & windy.

Sunday, November 25th, 1917

The weather much colder & rather stormy. We had a storm at noon which was like a sand & rain stormlike we had at Camp Hughes last year. We could hardly play this A.M for the wind was so strong. I spent the rest of the day sitting around the stove & writing letters for Canada we had stewed rabbit for dinner to-day. oh joy.

Monday, November 26th, 1917

Believe me it sure was cold to-day We nearly froze on parade. The ground was frozen hard like old Manitoba no snow. We had a good Orchestra pratice in the afternoon. as Pat & I had a late pass to-night we struck down town to by Xmas gifts. I concluded all my purching for Canada to-night & have sent them all away. Oh joy I bought 26 gifts in all. so I sure had some joy setecting them. It rained all the way back to Camp.

Tuesday, November 27th, 1917

We had no P.Y. this a.m. & it rained all night. They have a new scheam now the band plays for the mounting of the guard instead of P.Y. We played an open air concert at the moore Hospital this afternoon though he weather was rather cool. & a high wind. the roads were very slipery But no deep mud at all. We have had good meals lately. & lots to eat. I spent the evening practicing on the Violin& studying music. pat got a fine parcel from his wife to-day so we had a good feed to-night.

Wednesday, November 28th, 1917

We played for guard mounting this A.M. & also for O.C parade We praticed in the A.M. in the afternoon we played the Batt to Folkston cricket ground to wittness a foot ball match between the Canadians & the Belgains. & the Can won the game by 3 to 0. The band played in the Canteen to-night for the boys. We played for about one hour.

Thursday, November 29th, 1917

The weather to-day was fine just like summer we did our usual retine of work & in the afternoon we played the draft to Headquarter for inspection. in the Evening the Orchestra played for a Concert or rather a lecture on airaplaine fighting & pictures of trench warfare. which was illustrated by lime light lantern pictures we got our usual punk coffee.

Friday, November 30th, 1917

We had a short Orchestra pratice this A.M. & played an open air concert at West Cliffe Hospital after which they gave us some real good tea & bread & butter Which sure did go fine believe me that is the first time we got it & also surprised us. We also played for officers mess to-night from 6.30 untill about 9.30 pm as it was special no eats.