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Date: May 1st 1917

Tuesday, May 1st, 1917

We got up on time at 5.30 A.M. There is seven hrs difference in the time between here & Bdn. really only 6 hr. but this country is n the daylight savings sceam. We played to-day for general inspection also for the inspection of the 221 Batt our next door neighbors. then played for retreat at 8.15 P.M. the first playing we have done yet.

Wednesday, May 2nd, 1917

The morning was spent rather quite, only went for a cold water bath. We went on the route march in the afternoon through band-gate & seafort along the east coast of Eng. We noticed the large number of wounded soldiers coming into the Hospitals there, I t makes you think there is a war on the sea look fine.

Thursday, May 3rd, 1917

We did our first praticing to-day out in the sun & my face is burning yet some color. We play for all parades & for retreat. I am getting used to the money. We don't get any too much to eat but I guess we will make out alright everybody is happy.

Friday, May 4th, 1917

We went for a route march through the country to Hythe I noticed several grand residences deserted on accounts of the zepps. The town was a very pretty place. I saw my first castel to-day at a short-distance. the roads were hard & dusty.

Saturday, May 5th, 1917

We played for the parade in the morning after which we practiced the rest of the morning. In the afternoon We had orders to mobolize at Dover to which we had to march. But we have not got started away yet. we are all ready for the march. Sleeping with my clothes all on even my boots.

Sunday, May 6th, 1917

After putting in a rather cold night. We crawled out in the morning. We had church service. & dismissed for the rest of the day. The weather is darn cold. I have my over-coat on. & feel none too warm. We are still [?].B. & will be untill our ten days are up. I had Mr McLeod of the C.A.T.C. to see me to-day.

Monday, May 7th, 1917

The weather was very hot to-day we spent the morning in pratice. during the morning an order came to us that all our instruments were to be packed & returned after half hour had passed another order came to hold them. We went for a route march in the afternoon near folkstons & back by the channel we rested on the beach. I found it rather cool by the water. But soon warmed up when we started walking again.

Tuesday, May 8th, 1917

It seems strange that the weather was so cool to-day. We nearly froze praticing this morning. In theafter-noon we recieved our well equipment & believe me it was some puzzle to put it to gether. But we got it at last. Our food is much better lately. & I feel as if I am really getting fat. & feeling fine so I should worry.

Wednesday, May 9th, 1917

To-day was our fatal day, as we we praticing this morning an order-came to us to pack our instruments & ship them back to Canada. We all got the rifle in exchange. We were doing squad drill this afternoon There are twenty of we band boys to gether & none of us are down hearted yet. We can make the best of anything we get one month since we left.

Thursday, May 10th, 1917

To-day was my first day on drill & got along fine we did the following. Rifle drill squad drill Bomb throwing & lecture on anti-gas. I felt some what tierd But think I will be able to hold out. I am wearing my glasses again to see if my eyes will get stronger.

Friday, May 11th, 1917

We did only rifle drill & P.D. We get up at 530 AM break-fast at 615 P.[?] from 7.15 to 8.Com. fall out untill 9.A.M. Then fall in for inspection then we get trainning untill 11.45. In the after noon we recieved our first pay of three lbs. Which was well appreciated. The evening was spent in writting letters.

Saturday, May 12th, 1917

The morning was spent in drill & cleaning up the huts as we are sleeping in hutts. In the afternoon I went to Folkstone & had a very good time. We saw a Tomb stone dated 1739. I also had a ride on the incline railway or the lift I also went around by the harbour It certainly is a very pretty place a regular summer resort. & I got a free ride back on the buss. as the Can was slow.

Sunday, May 13th, 1917

Well to-day was a day of rushing we got up at 6.a.m. breakfast at 6.45 & church parade at 7.a.m. untill 10.30 We also had general inspection in that time. In the afternoon I wrote 3 letters then went to Hythe There I seen the following Cannal sea frount castle beautiful grove walks & also heard the church bells chime. We just got back before the rain But the sky is clear now I had my first ham & eggs just 1/6

Monday, May 14th, 1917

The morning was spent in drill & musketry instruction the afternoon was gas teaching & the making of bombs. untill 5.PM Oh yes I had my pack on for the first time In the evening we were busy cleaning the brass on my equipment. We had a regular concert in the hut to-night. the weather is cooler.

Tuesday, May 15th, 1917

We spent the morning as usual. In the afternoon we took a march my first march with my pack on We went about 6 miles down through Hythe. I felt a little tiered but as soon as I had supper a bunch of we boys went to Hythe. I took in my first picture show. & had a light Lunch But paid enough for a good square.

Wednesday, May 16th, 1917

The day was spent as usual training I find the work easier I might just say that we have five or six nice young ladies serving in the canteen they are very honest & obliging We also have a fine reading & writing room at one end of the canteen & at the other end there is the went canteen but I don't go there.

Thursday, May 17th, 1917

The weather has been wet all day untill 4.P.M. We had our drills & lecture in the hut. There was a draft of 100 men left this morning at 7.A.M. for France in the rain. I went over to Hythe in the evening for a walk about 2 miles over. & also had ham & one egg bread & butter & a cup of Cocoa which cost me 1/30. some price It is hard to get sugar. or flour they use graham flour.

Friday, May 18th, 1917

There was nothing of particular interest occured to-day. We took our general routeen of training. in the evening why I spent it in cleaning up & also wrote three letters & resting up for the big cleaning up of the hut. We also wash the floor beds table & benches on saturday A.M. We have three boards about a foot wide standing on two trussels about 6 in from the floor to allow for springs. Ha. Ha.

Today is Mother's Birthday.
Saturday, May 19th, 1917

Well we got all cleaned up alright & spent the rest of the A.M. in trying sports but came out behind in the afternoon I went to Folkstone took in the sights. We had two meals which cost us a small fortune. in the evening we took in a picture Vaudeville show which only cost 14 cents on our way back we went into Y.M.C.A. at sandgate & we meet Capt Marshall from Bdn. He invited us down any night. had to run back.

Sunday, May 20th, 1917

We had church parade this morning & received a good surmon after which We had a kit inspection & I was O.K. In the afternoon I did not go out I just lay around the hut & slept. I stayed in in the evening & cleaned up I will try give a little more idea of the hut our funiture consists on one table & two benches & shelf over every soft bed & one cupbord to keep our junk in.

Monday, May 21st, 1917

There was a bad thunder storm went over us last night pretty near as bad as we get in canada. We did our drill as usual in the morning. In the afternoon I recieved a new tunic & got a good fit. after which I went into the sports. I entered in the 3 legged race but that race didn't come off. so I had 1 ½ hr sleep. In the evening I went to sandgate & went to the movie at the Y.M.C.A. It was good & the best of it, it didn't cost anything.

Tuesday, May 22nd, 1917

I guess this was my lucky day as I got my transfer to the 18th Res Brass band. & I knew nothing about it. But believe me it is far easier than jugling a rifle.. I have put in my first day's practice to-day This evening I am sure busy getting fussed up to go on pass tomorrow The goverment pays all transportation so that helps my pocket. We will leave shorncliffe at 9 am. May 23rd & every body happy.

Wednesday, May 23rd, 1917

our firstday on pass. We arrived at London at 12.15 AM. had dinner & took the buss for Baker st. There we went through the Madame wax works. I never say anything like it comming from one station in London We came by underground railway some joy ride. We arrived at Bristol at 5.50 P.M. I went home with the Mann boys. as I was a stranger They are good friends to me. I enjoyed the trip all the way.

Thursday, May 24, 1917

of course we had a fine nights rest and got up at 8.30 A.M. after breakfast we went for a walk. down to the shop where Harry & bills father works Which is a piano store. I had the pleasure of going through the most beautiful therater in the morning that I have seen. through the courtesy of one of employees with which was acquainted with mr. Man. I was very much taken in by it.

May 24/17

after which we went to the boys sisters home & spent a very plesant time for about an hour. by that time. it wastime for dinner for Which we came home. & I enjoyed my dinner very much. After dinner we went for a walk to the zoo. Which was beautiful. I heard a fine Orchestra playing in the gardens. I noticed the foliage & the beautiful flowers on the lawns just like house flowers at home. After supper Mr & Mrs Mann & we three boys went to the show. at the same oppra house that we went to see in the morning. Which the name was the Hippodrome I can hardly discribe. There were two gallerys the main floor & private boxes the fixtures were beyond anything that I have seen. The show was certainly grand It was Vaudreville. & the price was 2 bills for the main floor & a good reserve seat. also fine & cushioned & very comfortable.

May 24/17

& you talk about music .Why say the Orchestra was grand. It was well worth the price in itself. The stage is very large. & you can hear very distinctely all the actors were artists. after the show. on our way home we went into the Y.M.C.A. Dugout on one of the mainstreets. & it has the appearance on the outside like a dug out. you see the sandbags & different thing & inside it is finished off fine .There are tables for writing & dinning. also a refreshment booth. & pool tables. We boys cannot say anything too good for the Y.M.C.A. as they are doing a great work for us both in the cities & at camp. When we left the Y.M.C.A. we journed home. & had quite a little talk & had a supper before we went to bed. also some music on the grammaphone after which went to bed at about 12.30 PM. Oh. such is life. There as no celebration here to-day.

May 25/17

after which we boys bought a belt each to hold badges which are quite the fad. We also went through the arcade. Which was beautiful We didn't have time to go through as we would like. We had to take the tram home to get there in time for dinner. as it wouldn't do to miss that. Oh trust a soldier to miss any eats. Eh. In regards to the trams. Well they are similar to our street cars only have a deck on the top. which makes it cooler & much better for observation. They charge a penny to ride quite a little distance. There is an great deal of traffic on the streets. The streets here run in all directions quite an easy thing to loos your-self. We were walking all A.M. & I noticed some most interesting thing such as the abot tower but didn't have time to go into it. as I would require about three or four months to see around here as I woul like. It is dinner time now.

May 25/17

It was late when we finished dinner & the afternoon was spent by the boys & Mr Mann playing While I had a shampoo & shave & general clean up. We eat again at about five. That is one thing I noticed that we have four meals a day. We have a light lunch at 5.PM. & supper at about 10 P.M & do not rise very early in the morning. In the evening we boys went along with Mr Man to the theatre at which he plays the cornet in the orchestra The play was dramic & call the broaken Heart. Which I enjoyed very much. The theatre was not as large as the Hippo. but a very good size. & to be sure comming home Harry & I were walking along & the girls were rushing at us They seldom see a canadian we had a fine feed of fish & chips. & all is well.

Friday, May 25th, 1917

I didn't get up untill 9 a.m. to-day after breakfast we stared down town. We did all our purching in the morning. I was through Woolworth large store- nothing was over 6D it put me in mind of Bdn at least the name. I also took the small photo of Vivian that I carried in the back of my watch to have one enamelled. Which only cost 2 cents or 2/6. after which I bought two books containing Views of Bristol sent them home to Vivian..

Saturday, May 26th, 1917

We did not hear the bugel this morning as we heard it yesterday a.m. But managed to rise at 8 a.m - the earliest since we were on leave. after breakfast why we boys beat it to a Mr Lucas a Violinist for the loan of an instrument & believe me it was like Heaven to get playing on a Violin. I secured it through the courtesy of Mr Mann. They are sure giving me a time of my life. Which I will never forget.

May 26/17

of course we had a little music after which we went down to the Bristol Museum. & Art gallery & I was astonished at the wonderful work. They have all kinds of Animals & even a lion & lioness & four or five cubbs like in there natural dens & so natural. also otherAfrican animals even a large garaffe Mounted in the hall. They have practicaly every thing even fish of all kinds serpents birds reptiles even insects. I seen a skeliton of a whale caught in 1807. & skelitons of Munkeys & human beings. In the art gallery I noticed very ancient pictures & very rich. also all the medals of different War campaigns even to the Red River campaign at Winnipeg. even the armor that was woren by ancient knights & near every thing that you could think of. too more many to mentsion.

May 26/17

after which we struck down town I had the pleasure of seing the work from where Cabot had sailed to discover America. We were late getting back for dinner. & we sure had a good one. after dinner. We had a regular orchestra practice. & went for a walk later in the afternoon. after tea which we had at 6.P.M. as we have four meals a day here. some life. We went to Mr Bennett. who is a son in law. of Mr Mann. Where we spent a most enjoyable time. We had a pretty fair orchestra & played some good old American music. after which we had dinner or rather a banquet & of course after a meal like that we all felt perfectly satisfied. I had my first opertunity of hearing a good man on the oboe. The first solo I ever heard played on that instrument Well as for the time we got home well you can guess it is just about half past two now. & every body. happy & well

Sunday, May 27th, 1917

I managed to get up at about 10.a.m. after a dandy nights sleep. & to show you how good Mrs Mann was. Why she brought all we boys a cup of tea before we were awake. oh. I forgot to mentsion that We had a photo taken at Mr Bennetts last evening & I had the pleasure of being beside Miss Mann. She is a very nice young lady. But tough luck for me she is ingaged to another gentleman. The boys other Brother came home yesterday

May 27/17

We had a very fine dinner & we ate so much & being tiered from our mornings walk we didn't feel like going out again so I had two hours of fine sleep untill tea was ready. Mr Mann. came up during late afternoon. & spent the evening Mr & Mrs Bennett came up a little later. & we spent a most enjoyable evening to-gether. The whole family are musical inclined & it makes it very nice. & to be sure we had a regular banquett at about 10.P.M. & it fell to the honour of Miss Mann & Myself to wash up the dishes for the second time to-day. So I manage to keep out of mischief while working a little once in a while. it puts me in mind of old times to wash dishes our little gathering break up about 1130P.M. & went then the general customs of farewell & retired a little later.

Monday, May 28th, 1917

as usual. we over slept this morning & arose at 10.a.m. We went down to the station to enquire about our train back. We have had fine weather untill yesterday when it rained all day. But cleared up again this morning after comming from the Depot I remained in the house While the boys went to see an old friend. at about 1 P.M. Miss Mann came to the house.

May 28/17

& we both started out to find the boys as it was getting late. We finialy found them & on the way back we called on her friends house. & were well recieved. we spent a short time there after which we struck back we were rather late for dinner but made up for that when we got started We left 16 Redland Park which is the residence of Mr Mann at about 3.P.M. for the Depot & when we arrived there why our train had been cancelled owing to Monday being a holiday. We had to waite from 3.40 untill 5.50 P.M. for another train. Which we went through the general customs of farewell & departed for camp. We arrived at Paddington Depot London at 9.15.P.M. & took the tube for Victoria Depot for our train back on arriving we were enformed that our train had left 3 hrs before. so we had to got to

May 28/17
9.15 P.M.

Cannon gate. & were informed to get off one station too soon so we had to walk a block or so. We had only about five minuets to catch our train we managed to get & only about 3 minutes to spare. We pulled out on time. & at London bridge station a lady got on with two other women & as soon as she got into the train she lit up a cigarett & started smoking. The first lady that I have seen smoking. We arrive at Shorncliffe at about 1.A.M. & walked from there. We got into camp at 1.50A.M. & retired on our beautiful soft bed. I don't think. how ever I slept well. & found it hard to get up. But we sure had a good time & hold a hugh vision of England.

Tuesday, May 29th, 1917

down to work again I rejoined the band this morning But felt somewhat sleepy just like wanting another pass. But no such luck for a while I also returned my rifle to-day. I was disappointed that I didn't get any Canadian mail. but will live in hopes. I wrote three letters & two cards to canada to-night & now for that beautiful bed. once again. Oh-joy.

Wednesday, May 30th, 1917

after putting in a good night sleep I nearly overslept. But did my Phicial gerks. & later went into the band. The weather is. very cool you can sea the mist comming off the sea & go along just above the ground. We were off at 3.P.M. in the afternoon untill 6.15P.M. when we went over to the Bridgade & played for officers mess. it was 10.P.M. when we got back. but we all had a good time.

Thursday, May 31st, 1917

The weather is very cool, it was a very cool night, but when I get cold on one side I just roll over on the other side. We practiced in the morning. In the afternoon we played at shorncliffe Hospital. & got a smile from the nurses. We played for officers mess to-night & now it is bed time.