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Date: January 1st 1918

Tuesday, January 1st, 1918

I have a new bed mate last night but we kept warm O.K. & slept in this a.m. We didn't have any parades to-day, it was more of a holiday than Xmas. I got five letters to-day four from Canada & one parcel from Father. We had the Hanky panky opra go here this afternoon they put on a concert for the men the Orchestra played for them and also played in the officers mess for about one hour. We had supper in the officers kitchen pretty good too like Xmas. Ha. Ha.

Wednesday, January 2nd, 1918

This was an easy day as we didn't do anything only play for the usual parades. I did my P.Y. this A.M. which was the first I done for some time as we have been playing for the guard mounting. The weather to-day was fine. I just sat around the hut the rest of the day I was busy writting to-night along with my old pal Pat. we are to-gether even though he is in the ranks.

Thursday, January 3rd, 1918

I managed to get up in time for breakfast oh I am getting to be a real soldier now alright. I was trying to tare up the ground with my chin & only tore the skin of both my chin & the end of my nose & got off the parade five minutes earlier oh joy. The band did nothing only play for the usual parades to-day the weather is cold but clear, old Fritz came over to-night for about an hour, I don't know of damage done yet only he stopped me from writting

Friday, January 4th, 1918

We had an easy time this A.M. We had an early dinner at 11 A.M. & played the whole Batt at 12.30 A.M. to the pleasure gardens at Folkston as the Hanky Panky opera people were so good as to put a special matinee on for us. The show was real good The band had a good seat near the front. & was six P.M. befor we got back to Camp, We had a late supper & most of us were ready for it I got six Canadian letter to-night. some happy boy.

Saturday, January 5th, 1918

The weather is cold but norain We had our usual route march this A.M. & While on the way I noticed a house that the farmer was rethatching the roof with straw. they put a new layer over the old one making it about 12 inches thick they claim they are warm. oh joy I got six more Canadian letters this afternoon I spent the rest of the day in letter writting.I also got a very nice parcel to-night from Mrs Dr Edmision of Brandon, Man.

Sunday, January 6th, 1918

The weather to-day turned out went in the afternoon. our church parade was held as usual. I didnt get any mail to-day. I also wrote a record letter to-day. some letter for me to write just 20 pages that was all. But I had the material sent to me. Ha. Ha. I was also busy repairing my violin & also the case it was some job. But made a big change in the tone.

Monday, January 7th, 1918

The weather to-day was cold & cloudy. We went to Hythe & played the range party back to camp. We were paid in theafternoon I got two Quid We all gave a days pay to the Halifax disaster The band also had a photo taken along with the Col & adj. at 3 p.m. We didn't do anything else the rest of the day. We were..busy planning for a good time while on leave as we leave camp at 1030 a.m. oh joy.

Tuesday, January 8th, 1918.

oh I had some dream sunday I thought I had done the grand & that I was back in Canada it was to a girl that I have known for some time We had a big Banquet gee I was sorry I woke up. Well to-day is the day we left on leave for glascow. The weather was very rough a regular Blizzard like old Manitoba for all the world. our hut was very cold also. We left Camp

Wednesday, January 9th, 1918

oh we put in a very cold night we couldn'tsleep hardly I only got about two hours sleep all together. But such is life. we arrived at glascow at 11 A.M. I noticed the Hugh Depot it was the largest that I have seen. the buildings in the city seem very smoky that is owing to the many mfg carried on here. it is also a great Commercial City. The system of conveyance here is that of electric cars.

Thursday, January 10th, 1918

Well it was rather late when Pat & I got in. But slept fine & even didnt wake up untill 9.45 A.M. & we had also arranged to meet Mr. stev at 10. a.m. But couldn't do it. owing to unseen circumstances. Ha. Ha. we got cleaned up. & also handed in the key to the office as we didn't intend staying there another night. oh I missed my pet bed at Camp. Ha. Ha. But I see that I can still sleep in if the bugle don't sound.

Friday, January 11th, 1918

I got up earlier this am. at 730A.M some change from yesterday. Ha Ha & sleeping on a good [?] bed. I don't have to fold up blankets those days oh joy. pat & I after we had our breakfast we went & had a shave & message which made us feel much fresher it rather awakened us properely. From there we went up to the glascow Cathedral & had the pleasure of being shown through