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Date: December 1st 1917

Saturday, December 1st, 1917

An unpleasent change in the weather this A.M. it turned to be wet & cold. but not 40 below yet. Ha. Ha. We had a route march this. a.m. which I didn't approve of at all. But went just the same through the rain. I slept all this afternoon. While the weather cleared up. & not much warmer I spent the evening in writting letters. But have had no Canadian mail for about two weeks.

Sunday, December 2nd, 1917

We had a cold tramp to church as to-day was cumion Sunday two of the band boys went into a room & drank about half the wine the weather still continues to be cold. I didn't go away from camp to-day. just sat around the stove & wrote a few letters & had a little supper in the canteen. But spent enough for a good square meal. But we should worry as the money goes anyway.

Monday, December 3rd, 1917

oh you talk about a fellows knees striking to-gether when the weather is cold. well it was easy to hear mine this A.M. But carry on. Mr. Bond has been made Cpl from pte. I expected to see Harry Gray to-day. as he is over on leave. But I was disappointed. We had Orchestra pratice this afternoon. We also have a new member in the Band a cornet player. our Band sgt has went into the ranks.

Tuesday, December 4th, 1917

The weather was much nicer to-day for this time of the year. We played the mounting of the guard. & did nothing the rest of the A.M. We played an open air Concert at moore Hospital. though we found it rather chilly. The band played for an hour and a half in the canteen in the evening for the men. our new Band sgt is very important since He got his new posision.

Wednesday, December 5th, 1917

The weather was fine to-day We were paid this A.M. We got at least I got 1lb 10p & also saving up for Xmas leave We didn't do any pratice this A.M. We had a fine Orchestra pratice this afternoon. We will be Buzy all next week But we should worry. I didn't got out to-night I was Busy practicing on the Violin while all the boys were out.

Thursday, December 6th, 1917

The weather to-day was fine. We had a big air-raid this a.m. from 210 untill 7.10 a.m no harm done in camp. I was awakened several times during the raid by the guns I heard fritz over head several times We spent the afternoon in Orchestra practicing. There was a court martial also this P.M. the fellow got two years for swearing at N.C.O. & officers. The Orchestra played in the canteen from 7.15 untill 8.30 p.m. for the men.

Friday, December 7th, 1917

There was a fellow committed sucide this a.m. by shooting him self in bed with a rifle & blowing his brains out. We cleaned up the hut in the morning in the afternoon we played a draft to Sir John Moores plain & in the evening the Orchestra played for a dance at ross Bks from 8.30 untill 2.a.m. we had a good feed & gave great satisfaction

Saturday, December 8th, 1917

We got off parades to-day & I slept until 8.30 We also had a late breakfast which was kept for us. We didn't do anything all day. after supper Pat & I went to Folkstone & went to the movies & seen a real good picture We also had a fine feed on our way back at sandgate. We were back by 10.30 P.M.

Sunday, December 9th, 1917

It rained all night & also all day But we went to church just the sameas a soldier don't mind getting wet. We got the full details of the Halifax disaster to-day which happen on Thursday last. We also got rabbit for dinner to-day. We didn't have comunion service to-day. I was busy writting letters this evening I got two Xmas parcels to-day. 181st lads & uncle Lindsay.

Monday, December 10th, 1917

The weather to-day was better we only praticed this A.M. We paraded the Batt to the funeral of the fellow that committed sucide the jury brought a verdict of temperory insane. He was buried with full honours. The band played for an hour & a half in the canteen for the men to-night. I also got a fine parcel from the Red cross society of Canora sask.

Tuesday, December 11th, 1917

The weather is clear & cool we only praticed this A.M. Played an open concert at Moore Hospital for about an hour and at 7.30.P.M we the Orchestra had convences to convey us to the grand Hotel Folkstone where we played for the R.F.C. Officers dance which lasted untill 1.30 A.M. We also made a good bit of course it didn't cost them anything.

Wednesday, December 12th, 1917

I didn't get up untill 8.05 this A.M We had our breakfast at 8.30 on account of playing late last night We didn't do anything all day as Wednesday P.M. is a holiday. I felt rather tired to-day. But will soon be O.K. again. We have had a few showers to-day. & now for a good sleep.

Thursday, December 13th, 1917

The boys said that were going to get sausages for breakfast so I go up But was disappointed. We didnt do any practicing this. A.M. We had an Orchestra pratice this afternoon. The weather was cold all day. The Orchestra played for 1 ½ hours to-night in the canteen for the men. so you see we dont get much time to ourselves. But now for a good sleep.

Friday, December 14th, 1917

the weather is cool again & rather showery. W spent the a.m. on a muster parade & I think I had I had better change my initial from W. to A. so I wont have to waite so long. WE didn't got to Folkstone this afternoon on account of rain. But turned out cleer. we had pratice the rest of the afternoon & played at officers mess to night. I got two moor parcels one from Aunt Liz & one from leslie.

Saturday, December 15th, 1917

The weather to-day was fine only cold in the A.M. we play for the mounting of the gard ever morning. after O.C. parade this A.M. The band went to the Hythe ranges to play the party back to camp. I was busy writting letters all afternoon & also in the evening I got a letter to-night that I had been looking for for three weeks

Sunday, December 16th, 1917

The weather to day was like old Manitoba snowing a little & also raining. We had our usual church parade this A.M. The weather continued rough all day. I spent the day in writting letters. We also had our usual rabbit for dinner but the supper was poor. But the parcels are comming so we should woory eh. The bed is the best place to go to those cold day & sleep through it.

Friday, December 21st, 1917

The weather has been stormy those last two days & try hard to snow. The band played for a funeral this A.M. the roads are very slipery & I find it hard to keep my feet. The band played an open air concert at West cliff Hospital this afternoon. & we were also seved with fine tea bread & butter & peaches which went fine. We also played for officers mess to-night. We were only there for a short time.

Saturday, December 22nd, 1917

Weather still ruff & cold on the fingers. But we play the guard mounting rain or shine We had to scrub our bed boards & freeze our fingers. But we should worry we also had a short band pratice I was feeling rather tough to-day with the cold so I stayed in the hut all day. & kept the fine warm. Old Fritz came over twice to-night But didn't get through & no damage done.

Sunday, December 23rd, 1917

old Fritz lost one machine last night on the Kentish coast He could not get in any further. Well I really got up for breakfast this A.M. as I found out that there was no eats at the canteen. last night. The weather to-day was clear but cold We had our usual church parade this A.M. I was feeling rather under the weather to-day so I just hung around the fire I wrote two letters to-night. & also recieved two parcels one from Margaret & Ellie.

Monday, December 24th, 1917

The Orchestra & concert party had their final pratice the weather ahs been rough & I have some cold we didn't do anything this afternoon I had a rough talk with the B.M. When I expressed my oponion. The Orchestra were conveyed to etching hill Convelescent hospital by Taxiss Which were fine traveling We played a dance for the staff. until 12.15 P.M. & recieved a little donation for the same.

Tuesday, December 25th, 1917

To-day is Xmas day. & I am about 6,000 miles from Home sweet Home. Though I have often thought of them all. We sure have had a very busy day. to-day. We had a church parade at 8.30 am to the Brigade grounds & also wittness five medals presented. the weather was clear but very windy & also cold. The band played at the mens mess for about 45. mint then went for our own dinner.

Dec 25th/17


We had a pretty good dinner to-day we had. Roast turkey & dressing sausages apple sauce cabbage mashed potatoes Xmas pudding Venilla sauce apples & bread & free beer. But I didn't take any beer. I might add that we had a very good breakfast. we had rolled oats scrambled eggs & bacon bread butter & coffee. I think they meant scrambled eggs. Ha Ha. The Orchestra & band played for a concert in the canteen which was very good it lasted for about two hours they had two boxing boults. but not much to them. We were all late for supper on account of playing. and all


4.30 PM

we got to eat was bully beef bread & butter & tea. instead of cold turkey cold beef cold slaw salads jam mince pie blanchmange. Bread butter & tea so you see we were kind of out of luck. I recieved two parcels to-day. one from Pearl which was fine. & also a good one from Ruth & Mrs Stone the two parcels. make nine that I have recieved this month. which is pretty good for an old Batchelor. the band played again for officers mess & they passed all kinds of drink & thank god I can leave it alone as I had to look after about three of the boys & got to bed myself about 1.a.m.

Wednesday, December 26th, 1917

We got up rather late this a.m. some of the boys not feeling any to good. we didn't have O.C. parade untill 10.15 a.m. We didn't do anything the rest of the day. I went to bed at noon & stayed there untill about 6.30 P.M. We have had no Canadian mail for over two weeks. But you parcels they sure helped out a lot. four of we boys were playing rumy to-night & spent the evening.

Thursday, December 27th, 1917

I felt rather rested up this a.m. the weather is still cold & stormy & as usual I hate to get out of bed these mornings. we boys have been enjoying my parcels very much. The band didn't do any-thing this afternoon. The Orchestra went to West Cliffe Hospital this evening along with the concert party. & put on a concert for the patients. We didn't get any eats. until we got back to camp.

Friday, December 28th, 1917

The weather is still rough. We didn't do anything only play for O.C. parade after which we all had a kit inspection as they want to catch a fellow for stealing. The band was O.K. the band played at West Cliff this afternoon & also got a pretty good lunch as usual I got a cable gramm from Allan to-day.

Saturday, December 29th, 1917

We got out of playing for officers mess. We had our usual route march this A.M. the weather has been cold & damp. I was busy all afternoon doing my washing. While on route march this a.m. I noticed the farmers thrashing believe me there sure is a great difference in the system. they are far behind the times over here. We went to bed rather early.

Sunday, December 30th, 1917

Church parade this A.M. as usual. We had rabbit pie for dinner I was busy writting this afternoon I wrote a record letter to-day. The Hanky Panky show gave a little concert in the Canteen to-night the band also played there after the show the officers sent down for pat. Melbourne & myself. to play for them they had quite a dance it broke up at 1.20 A.M.

Monday, December 31st, 1917

I got off parades this A.M. on account of playing last night & I lost my pal this A.M. Pat as he & Walt went into the ranks to train they Volinteered as I did also. But I am .B.1 & couldn't go. Blame tough luck. But I am still trying hard to get to France There is only Cpl Bond & I left in this band out of the 181st Band. We didn't do anything to-day & I was busy writting letters to Canada. This finishes this Diary.