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Date: August 1st 1917

Wednesday, August 1st, 1917

still raining & cold I almost missed my breakfast this a.m. But got a little. I slept fine all night. We didn't have any parades to-day. We had a good pratice this a.m. & also again this afternoon. I feel too lazy to move out of our happy home & leave a fine fire. We have had 48 hours of steady rain so I think we will soon have enough I am retiring early again to-night.

Thursday, August 2nd, 1917

The weather cleared up for a short time only to give us about ½ hour P.S. We lay around untill 10.a.m. & in the meantime one of the boys & I went & found some fine coal. Ask no Quest. We only praticed in the A.M. & I spent the afternoon writting & also sleeping. I don't know what really happened But we really got good grub to-day. We also played for officers mess & now for a little feed again.

Friday, August 3rd, 1917

I actualy thought that the weather was going to clear up. But we were on O.C. parade & it started to rain again & has rained all day & still at it. We praticed all day & I also wrote a small book to Canada. P. most of the boys are begining to feel rather down hearted. But the way I look at it. is what is the use of it. as long as I yet a few letter from Canada & a little money once in a while I am O.K.

Saturday, August 4th, 1917

at last it has quite raining at 5.a.m. & of course we had our route march. this a.m. & I learned the reason why the roads were cut down so deep. it is owing. to the traffic for so many years. pat I made a record walk to folkstone in 56 min. We did not stay long as we were broke. We had our regular feed to-night & now for bed.

Sunday, August 5th, 1917

The weather to-day was beautiful While on church parade there was three Military Medals presented I spent the afternoon in the lines untill after suppe. When the Band cpl & I went over to see the saltwood castle. Which was very interesting it was built by the Romans & rebuilt in 1380. & later in 1880 & part was rebuilt. We were shown alround the yard. But was not in the castle at least the new part owing to illness there.

Monday, August 6th, 1917

We praticed all a.m. & took a route March in the afternoon by the Queens Hospital at which we played for the patients & put in a pretty good time I am very much in the blues to-night as I am absolutely broke. & also very hungry. But such is life especialy when you are broke. But one consolation we have is that pat & I got a matress for our bed. no it isnt feathers. only straw.

Tuesday, August 7th, 1917

I felt rather tough this a.m. as I have a bad cold. But went over to the moore Hospital in the afternoon & play for the patients with the band. We also played a concert on the leas at Folkstone in the evening The weather was very boggy I had Harold Wallace to see me for a while to-night & now for bed. We got our mid-night passes good for every night during august.

Wednesday, August 8th, 1917

I am feeling better to-day we had Batt sports this afternoon & of course we had to play for it. We started out in the evening to play at Folkstone & while on our way it started to rain & of course we got another soaken & when we got there the concert was called off. So pat & I had to hoof it back.

Thursday, August 9th, 1917

We didn't do anything only play for parade so I wrote letters We had a short practice in the afternoon & played for officers mess to-night. But I don't take their ginger beer. I do with out I would sooner have something to eat or some coin as I am absolutely broke. And another week to go yet. oh for some of those green backs now. eh.

Friday, August 10th, 1917

While on a route march I noticed farmers cutting their crops with a cythe & binding the sheaves by hand There were six men working in a small field all cutting & later binding then stook them. We had a march to Folkstone to play at West cliffe Hospital But when we got their we found another band their ahead of us so we had the afternoon off. but had to come back for supper

Saturday, August 11th, 1917

We got off a route march this a.m. But went to Folkstone & played for the Cavelary sports which were certainly fine all sports done on horseback. We played from 2 p.m. untill 7.15 p.m. & no supper We were paid 8£& 6P for playing on the lees. so pat & I had a light lunch & got back to camp at 9.P.M. & also had trouble over getting our supper but we got it after all. though it was hard to get.

Sunday, August 12th, 1917

I don't know what was the trouble to-day but we all slept in untill 7.30 A.M. of course we missed our breakfast. & in the after noon we had to play the dover party out about four miles. We certainly had good meals to-day. quite a change from what we have had for about two weeks. We got the air raid alarm to-night at 6.15 P.M. But no damage was done here. I wrote a letter while the raid was on.

Monday, August 13th, 1917

We had a route march this afternoon & while resting we recieved a lecture in the roite act as there was trouble in Folkstone last night. owing to the red caps arresting one of the boys from France on leave & the boys all turned on the police & beat them up very bad We were threatened to C.B. untill the trouble was settled. But we were only CBd for two hours. As none of the 18th were into it. Well I am broke again so am as good as C.B. anyway. Eh But I should worry.

Tuesday, August 14th, 1917

To-day the weather was certainly fine. We praticed all day. & I hung around camp all evening as I cant go out because of coin Ha. Ha. I recieved five Bdn sums from Miss Brawford they contained a full report on the Bdn fair. of which I was very interested so spent the evening almost at home only a long Distance away. But we are not down hearted yet.

Wednesday, August 15th, 1917

We had a funeral this am. & all time we were on parade it was raining & of course we got a fine soaking we took the corpse to sandgate station. Then after dinner we had to go to shorncliffe Depot to meet a corpse for burriel But when we got there the corpse had missed his train. The weather in the p.m. was fine but hot. But we made the trip O.K. just about two & a half miles each way.

Thursday, August 16th, 1917

I got 1£ & 10p pay to-day I could hardly believe it. the most I have had since leave. I was bounded this a.m & I am B1. on account of my eyes. We had another funeral this afternoon the fellow that missed his train yesterday. the weather was fine. We didnt get a chance to spend our money to-night as we had to play for officers mess. But after which pat & I went down to the hut & had a good old time feed & believe me it went good.

Friday, August 17th, 1917

We only praticed all day & at noon Pat & I had some big dinner at the C.A. the fist time that I have felt satisfied at a meal for some time We went to sandgate after supper We also got rid of some coin & on my return I found a money order for $10.00 oh joy now I will go to Canterbury to-morrow. & see the sights there. Gee I cant hardly relize that I have more than ten shillings & I also sold a pair of boots to-day for 12 bob. oh some life.

Saturday, August 18th, 1917

We had a short route march just about five or six miles we got back to camp by 11.45 a.m. it was then that I was informed that my pass for Canterbury was through so I & the cpl of the band walked to shorncliffe & caught the 1.36 p.m. train the weather was wet all the way But on our arrival the weather was fine. We arived at Canterbury at 3.30 P.M. after having to waite at ashford for 30 minuts.

Aug 18/17 3.30 p.m.

I noticed the city very strange the railway is out side of the ancient city. it is about five minutes walk from the Depot to the old stone gate of the city Which is called West gate. the streets are very narrow. There is not street cars only buses to convey the public to different parts. after passing through West gate I noticed several very old building leaning over to-wards the street. There are many Modern buildings also. at a short distance from Westgate you pass over the river stour which is very narrow. & buildings built close on the bank of the river as a matter of fact the buildings form the bank. The river flows through the centre of the city. proceeding further you turn down mercy lane. from here

Aug 18/17. 4..15 P.m

you get a splendid view of the Cathedral. proceeding up the lane you enter the cathedral grounds which are very spacious & beautifuly kept. with lawns & flowers, I noticed on entering the grounds the large clock in the tower I also heard it chime & strike. It chimes every fifteen minutes. on entering the cathedral service was going on. so we remained in the nave of the building. There I noticed Canadian Batt flag and colours from different parts of Canada. After the service was over. We had a guide to escort us through. we entered the choir room first which I noticed the immense pipe organ. & a spacious room for the purpus of worship.

Aug 18/17. 4.35 P.m

from the choir we went through the French church which is a small room. I forgot to mentsion that while in the choir I noticed seven tombs of ancient priest & archibishops of the church. further on you come to shrine these there are tombs & valuables but all covered with sand bags. incase of air craft. We went through the cyript which was cool & damp. I noticed some masonery that was done in the 9th century after passing from the cyript into the nave I noticed glass in the windows that were put in during the 13th century. I passed through the room where Becket was murdered. from there we went out to the back. there was a large promade around the

Aug 18/17. 5.P.m.

after walking around there we left the Cathedral I might say that there was no direct rays of the sun addmitted into the building We went down town & had supper While eating supper we could look out on the traffic & wink at the girls. after supper we took in a opera or rather a show. which was pry o my heart. Which was fine. I forgot that I was in the army. We then caught out train for home. at least camp. We left Canterbury at 11.15 P.M. & had to waite again at Ashford for our train. I noticed at the depots they have refreshement rooms where the traveling public can have refreshments. while waiting we got back into camp at about 1.30 A.m.

Sunday, August 19th, 1917

I got up rather tired. but didnt miss breakfast. We have church parade by our selves now. We went & played a concert on the leas at Folkstone which was largely attended. that means another four bobs We got back to camp at 6.P.M. & got our supper this time with less trouble than last time. I spent the evening in writting letters to Canada as I recieved four letters to-day.

Monday, August 20th, 1917

We had a short pratice in the a.m. and I missed my breakfast I slept in. gee I was hungry by noon. We played for two hours while on a inspection this afternoon & better news still I cashed that money order to night gee I feel rich when I get hold of a little coin. I made a flying trip to sandgate to-night & back alone for to get a watch but had the trip for nothing.

Tuesday, August 21st, 1917

To-day is Vivians Birthday & I have been thinking of her & the folks at home all day. I sent some views of Canterbury to Canada to-day. There was nothing of importance occurred here to-day to report. only that I am busy chasing the company off my body as some of the boys got them some place & of cours they made a run for me. But I wont keep them either.

Wednesday, August 22nd, 1917

We had a change to-day as there was an air-raid at Margate & Dover We could see the emeny plains & also see the battle & shells exploding in the air the British brought down two. We could hear the anti air craft guns. the raid lasted for an hour & a half altogether. I spent the evening in washing clothes as I can do it better than the laundry & also save money. cant find any crums to-night.

Thursday, August 23rd, 1917

to-day was field day and as usual we played the Batt four miles. Then returned to camp & played for the inspection of the draft by the Head quarter staff. We went out in the afternoon to play the Batt back to camp. We played for Officers mess The weather is cold & showery and very windy.

Friday, August 24th, 1917

There certainly was some storm last night & a very strong wind There were showers all day I got two soakings to-day. We played a draft from the 8th Res to Folkston this p.m & got wet through. yet the boys were in good spirits. The weather is cold to-night. pat & I had our regular feed to-night. I believe I am rid of my company on my clothes. But believe me I sure worked hard.

Saturday, August 25th, 1917

We had a count march this a.m. it was a s.m. he was charged with bigimy he was reduced in rank & got one year hard labor We also had a route march & I noticed girls working in the field. pat & I went to Folkstone in the p.m & had a very good time. We in a show & had a feed us we have to have a feed once in a while we got back in good time The weather was fine. We also got some Canadian mail.

Sunday, August 26th, 1917

I slept for the first night on my air pillow which was sent to me by the .W.C.I.U. of Bdn. gee it seemed strange but I stuck to it. I spent the after noon in writting letters. The weather has been very hot & towards evening it started to rain & is still at it & quite cool. The latest report this evening is that the band has to turn out at 2.a.m. to play a draft away.

Monday, August 27th, 1917

We rolled out at 2.30 am alright & had breakfast at 3.a.m. then took the draft to moors plains. We were not allowed to play any untill after 5.30 a.m. The pipe band were also there. They accompanied the troops from there to Folkstone & we returned at 5.45.a.m. We went on all parades But managed to get off of the route march in the afternoon. We were dismissed then. It sure was a long day. still we don't mind playing for the boys.

Tuesday, August 28th, 1917

I managed to sleep a little last night alright But as it was raining this am I slept in & missed my breakfast. The weather was still wet. & we only praticed all day. In the evening the officers gave a concert in the canteen for the men & as usual the band was there. It was very good. The men each recieved a box of cigaretts free to keep their spirits up. The band had a lunch afterwards.

Wednesday, August 29th, 1917

Well I slept in again this a.m & had no breakfast. The weather still wet but cleared up at .9.a.m. We only praticed as usual in the a.m. & had the afternoon off. pat & I went down to Hythe in the evening and played for the girls club of the Y.W.C.A. The first violin playing that I have done in public over here She was a nice crowd as it was strictly invitation I didn't do any dancing. But spent a very injoyable time.

Thursday, August 30th, 1917

I managed to get breakfast to-day & as there was a field day We didn't go out at all. we praticed all a.m. & had a good sleep in the afternoon. We played for Officers mess to-night after which Pat & I went & had a good feed. As we don't get any too much at the cook house. But at times it is enough such as it is But we should worry & now for a good old sleep as I still love my bed as much as ever.

Friday, August 31st, 1917

The weather is still cool & wet We did our usual parades & did nothing in the P.M. only had a few hours of good sleep as I have been pretty tired of laying around. Pat & I went to Folkstone to-night & had a pretty good time I bought a few book for reading & pass time.