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Date: August 28th 1942

August 28th, 1942

Dear Mom,

Received your Air Mail letter in 12 days, so that is a very considerable reduction in time and certainly is worth while isn't it? The only thing I don't like about is that they have to be so short that you cannot say much although when you typewrite them, they certainly cover a lot more space. But if you intersperse them with an occasional letter, I think they will be fine.

Well, there is really not much to talk or write about. I have had my mid-term test but as yet know no results. I know I didn't pass my Morse so will have to take night classes for at least 2 wks. which is going to cramp my syllabus somewhat. But the Navigation and Gas exams I think I passed OK. Anyway, I'll know for certain tomorrow. If I haven't passed, I have to go before a Board and they will decide whether to give me another chance or whether to send me back to the Army. I don't think I could face that after tasting a life like this.

I am glad to hear that Burt is working instead of hanging around home doing nothing. But I am not sure that I entirely agree with the policy of not continuing for School Certificate at least. More and more specialist opportunities are opening up every day and these are all based more and more upon higher education standards. The education itself is valueless as a technical asset but it certainly helps a great deal when it comes to personal contact as I have found out. I only wish I had been able to take a college degree for even now - advanced as I am beyond Jr. Matric standard, I sometimes feel a slight feeling of inferiority when certain things are talked about. I hope I will be able to take a few summer classes at least when I get home again. If possible I would like to take a degree in something or other. I have not decided yet but I think it will be Economics. But education and standard certificates are assuming more and more importance as time goes on. Look at me. If I hadn't had my Jr. Matric., I would have a very hard job getting in the Air Force. But as it is, I have had a cinch so far.

I have written you two letters telling you about my transfer and also warning you to expect the cut in Assigned Pay. But it should be through by this time for I assigned my pay to you before I was sworn in the Air Force.

I have had a letter from Mary this week. Everything is fine. Mrs. Sayers is busy as always. Colin - an Australian fighter pilot, has been transferred to ‘Hurricanes' and he is very pleased about it because he had a crash a couple of months ago and was afraid he wouldn't be allowed to fly fighters any more. Another pilot we know took part in the Dieppe raids in ‘Boston Bombers' but came through without a scratch. Mary has just come back from holidays and she seems to be very depressed. London is getting on her nerves seemingly. I have been trying my best to cheer her up but it is a pretty hopeless job by letter. Well, nothing more to say for now. I am on guard tonight and it is Saturday night...also had a date! O well, tonight is only tonight.

Love to all,