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Date: June 10th 1942

June 10th, 1942

Dear Mom,

I am answering your long letter written on May 10th. There is not very much to tell you about myself I am afraid because I have more or less been marking time ever since I applied for my transfer. The Colonel has given me a good recommendation so there are only four more people I have to see before it comes through. In case you haven't yet got my other letter I am referring to my transfer to the RCAF, which I wrote about at some length in one of my recent letters. They have made me room orderly which means I am a glorified housemaid. I sweep and clean all the barrack rooms, in this case one, and have to stay on all day. It is very boring but I have a chance to study my Algebra for I figure I'll need that in the AF.

Last week I took a weekend and went back to Taplow to see my friends there. It is a terribly hard place to get to from here. I found it took me four hours steady travelling to cover the sixty-odd miles where as if I had gone up to London and then back, it would have taken at most 2 hrs. It seems strange doesn't it that I - who hardly ever used to travel at all, should now think nothing of dashing over a hundred miles to see some people on a 48 hr. pass. Money is a wonderful thing which you never miss when you haven't got it but which becomes a crying-necessity after you get used to spending it.

I have finally decided to go up to Derby to see Mrs. Bemrose - the Founder-Chairman of the Kinsmen in England. She is prominently connected with the English-Speaking Union and I am very interested in anything which favours closer co-operation between England and N. America: as this Union does. So I am really combining business with pleasure in this trip, for I have heard from other people that she gives her guests a rather wonderful time. I have nearly 12 pounds again so should have no difficulty financially. I don't expect I'll need much money anyway.

I am glad to hear that our home is so nice and I do hope I can see it within the next year or two. Have you still got my little room upstairs? Many times I have thought of that since I left it, and though I didn't think very much of it when I had it (in fact I thought it a rather bare little attic), I'd give a month's pay to be able to sleep in it now. But I suppose in time I will come back for a little while anyway. I can't see myself living in W.R. after this though. Too many seeds of restlessness are being sown in my soul to allow that.

I had a letter from Mary yesterday. It is her father and mother's silver wedding anniversary today. I have written my congratulations but I wish I could deliver them in person. It would be so much nicer. Mrs. Sayers, Mr. Sayers and Jean are going away to Kiswick in Northumberland on June 14th.... was supposed to go too but couldn't make it.

There really isn't anything to talk about. I am in good physical condition though rather worried mentally about my transfer. But I wish it would come through so I could start working.

Well, I guess that is all. Love to everyone as always. Glad Stan found Blake alright and likes them. I did too.