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Date: May 3rd 1942

May 3rd, 1942

Dear Mom,

Just a line or two because I have a rather important thing for you, at least it is important to me. I have a girl friend here - I think I have told you about her, her name is Sheila and she is one of the first girls I met in this country and we have been exceptionally good friends ever since. She and two other girls have rented a flat about a year ago and started housekeeping. Some times when I was up in town, I would go to have dinner with them. I think I told you how I went to have dinner once and when I arrived, I found them all in tears and when I inquired "My dears, what's the matter?" and how Sheila managed to stammer out through her tears, "The r-r-r-r-r-oast just won't get tender!" in a tone suggestive of a great calamity. So I had to go and cook the dinner myself and thanks to your lessons, it wasn't bad at all, even if I do say so myself.

Well all this long introduction leads up to the point of this letter. Sheila is getting married in July. She has got her trousseau and her dress and everything else except one thing. She happened to mention the other day that she can't get silk-stockings. So I immediately resolved to get her some for a wedding present. So now I have to ask you if you can get some for me and send them over in the next parcel, or send them separate: whichever you think best. At least three pairs, good ones, sheer, fully-fashioned about size six. I mean to fit a size six foot. She has got very lovely legs, not thin and not fat and very trim ankles so no difficulty should be experienced fitting them. Colour suitable to go with a white or cream wedding dress for one pair and the other two suitable for street wear. She dresses usually in warm rich colours - brown and blues, and looks stunning in black. So I hope you will be able to choose what I want from this rather inadequate description. By the way, she is 5'9" tall. Does that help any? If you can get more than 3 pairs without any hardship to yourself, why do so. And take the money out of my next parcel. I don't mind missing one for I think rather a lot of Sheila. She has been a lovely companion for 2 1/2 years and we have had a lot of fun together. I have never met her fiance, but I have heard he is very nice. Of course I am invited to the wedding and so I have a lot to look forward to.

Well I guess that's all. My arm is nearly better and I expect to be out in a few days. Mary and Lance are coming to see me tomorrow. I'll tell you about it when next I write.

Love to all,