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Date: April 7th 1942

April 7th, 1942 - Ward 4

Dear Mom,

First of all, look at the address please. I expect you have by this time got my telegram so it won't be too much of a surprise. I have had my operation and though it was much more extensive than I had expected, it seems to have been very successful. They ran into some difficulties seemingly and because it was so close to the elbow they couldn't sew it up. So they have had to leave it open to heal from the bottom up which will take much longer. So I don't expect to be discharged from here much before my birthday. But my mind is at rest for I think it is fixed at last which I certainly wasn't sure about before.

I am enclosing some very interesting things this time and therefore can't write much. Do you remember the curious hunch I have had ever since I joined that March 15th, 1943 was going to be a very important date as far as the war was concerned? Well here is a very curious prophecy I came across the other day. Seems strange doesn't it because my hunch has been so strong....The second enclosure is a letter of Mary Beverly's which gives a very good idea of the kind of girl she is. You seemed interested in Hilary's letters so I am sure you will enjoy Mary's just as I have done. She has been very sick lately and has been having a holiday down in Devon....The third enclosure is a letter from Lance and I am sending it to give you as an idea of how wonderful his friendship and hospitality is. (He is the rich cousin-uncle of Mary's with the valet I mentioned before) The Jean mentioned is his sister's only daughter - a rather remarkable girl who Lance sent me to. She lives very near where I was camped when I was at Whitby....The fourth enclosure is an article which I wrote and sent off to the Winnipeg Free Press. I am also enclosing the editor's comments. What do you think?

I can't write much more because my arm is still very sore. Hope you won't be too disappointed .

Love you all,


Enclosure #1


On the eve of the Church's most joyful anniversary, with the Prince of Peace in the minds of Christians, Mr. H. Brown - a sailor, asks:- "Is there a passage in the Bible which refers to a thousand nights and a thousand days of war, ending at the gates of India?"

He is referring to the vision of Daniel in those books of prophecy Daniel ch. 11 and 12. Daniel visioned an evil man, and here - briefly, is the vision: "He shall enter in the countries and overflow and pass over. Many countries are overthrown. The land of Egypt shall not escape; the Libyans and Ethiopians shall be at his steps." (Those who regard the passages as prophecies of this war take this as the nearest German thrust East, missing India). The vision goes on: "Bad tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him. He shall come to his end. At that time Michael shall stand up". (Michael is held to represent Russia) "And I said" (this is Daniel speaking) "what shall be the end of these things?" It is the answer to this that is regarded as the prophecy of the end of the war. Here it is: "From the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand, two hundred and ninety days" - which ends the war on March 27, 1943.

That's the vision, Mr. Brown, whether the prophecy is of this war, time will show.

Enclosure # 2


My dear Jim,

I can't tell you how sad I am to hear that you wretched arm is playing tricks again. You are having a tub of bad luck and I am so sorry. Why don't you do as Lance says and go & see a specialist about it? I'm sure they are only ---ssing it about in hospital the whole time and if you want and got a second opinion on the thing, it might help, so why don't you give it a try?

(Yes, a beautiful letter I'm sure, but an English-scrolled, double-sided eight page form)

Enclosure #3:


My dear Jim,

Thank you for your letter of March 22nd with the full story of the trouble you have had with your arm. There is one omission which when you write again I should like filled in. After describing the original trouble you continue as follows "Then on the 3rd of July, I went into London and as you know had the accident with the car..." Can you give me some more details of your accident with the car? All I know is that you were out having a picnic in the country with some friends and had been bathing in the river, and that in your bathing costume, you were walking along the roadside and were knocked over by a car. I am not clear what damage you suffered, did you break your arm as a result or was it merely injured again? When you give me these particulars I should like to send them all on to Dr. Geoffrey Evans of 7 Mansfield Street, Portland Place. He is a very able consulting specialist who has been used recently by my firm and has given us some admirable reports. It is no good my doing so until you have got permission from the MO. so that whatever Dr. Evans recommends can be done. I am quite willing to meet any expenses that may be incurred. I am sure this would be a wise course of action and the sooner you can get permission the better. If you know that you can get permission, will you also let me know whether you can get leave to come up to London any day to see Dr. Evans.

I am glad you liked Jean, I felt sure you would. If you can get over to see them I am sure you will find their home a pleasant place to visit. Can you hire a bicycle in the district?


Lancelot Spicer

Enclosure #4


The men who are serving with the King's forces want to be assured that the peace which will follow victory will be so safe-guarded, that no new treachery of war can be sprung on an unaware world. They have a right to demand that and it would be unthinkable that their trust should be weakly betrayed by those who frame the peace terms and are responsible for the policing of the nations afterwards. Today's article brought Pte. James Baker's article from overseas and from his accompanying letter, we realized how diffident he was about expressing his feelings in the matter. He "plucked up courage at last" and continues: "I believe that younger people - on the whole, do think of world affairs seriously. If only one good idea is the result, the article will be worth the time and trouble it has been to me."
Pte. Baker wishes to have your ideas on the construction of a just and enduring peace. He would like to see a sort of post office started for the exchange of ideas and asks if we could help. Our help might be to have an essay corner on the Page devoted to the advancement and discussion of ideas on topics of the hour. If you contributors and readers approve, please send a sample letter. Keep it rather short.
Needless to say, we are in the fullest accord with Pte. Baker's sentiments. His article is more than welcome. Democracy has come periously close to collapse. Why? What are the SPECIFIC remedies you would apply to the ailments? Specific mind you, not high-flown and general.