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Date: November 7th 1941

November 7th, 1941

Dear Mom,

When you get out of bed on the day after Xmas, I hope you put your feet on this. It should be a trifle warmer than the cold linoleum. I am afraid it is not finished yet, but I can do no more as my arm is pretty sore. It was operated on the day before yesterday and I finished the rug as much as I could yesterday. When you get it, the design and the ends will probably need to be combed out again. Then the edges on the long side should be turned under and tacked in place and the whole rug backed with a piece of cloth to protect the wool from tearing. But I expect you will know what to do with it, won't you? I got the material from the Red Cross lady who comes around to all patients and ask if they want to work. We then buy the material and make whatever we want, and they show us how. This rug took five days to make and was very easy. It is my own design.
Merry Xmas, Mom and a Happy New Year!

Yours ever,