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Date: February 17th 1941

February 17th, 1941

Dear Mom,

I have decided to send all my souvenirs home as I expect we will be moving off very quickly and I won't have time otherwise. The cards are mostly this years. Only one is from last year. The books of poetry are the two that Beth sent me. I have no room for them any more. The picture is of Bobby Lees. And there is also some poetry by Sydney Martin who is a very good penpal of mine. Will you keep it all for me till I come home again? There is a programme too of a Symphony Concert I heard in London.

I got your letter of Jan. 12th the other day but I had written a letter the day before, so I decided to wait a couple of days. I have been down to see Gerry Laws again. Alan has got his commission and is coming home on leave today so I am going down to meet him. I will also show some of Mrs. Cox's letter to them as they were asking about their district news. I also got a letter from Gladys Hoye the other day which they will be glad to see. Mrs. Laws said she was going to write to you soon but I don't know whether she will or not. Gerry hasn't had work for quite awhile and neither Stewart nor Billy are going to School. Stewart is trying to get into this Government Youth Training Scheme so he can get a reserved occupation job. I think he is expecting to go anytime now.

Mrs. Barnard's youngest boy Jamais - who is 19 this week, had to register last Saturday. He expects to be called up very soon because he put in a preference claim for the Air Force. If he does go his brother - who is 29, will also have to sell the coal-business and go. So far he has had exemption, but his extension only runs till April. Fred - the second brother, is already in the Royal Artillery so Mrs. Bernard won't have anyone at home pretty soon. I don't know what she will live on if the boys no longer run the coal-business, but I guess they will make some provision for her.

Say, Mr. Jackman certainly is coming along fine isn't he? I'm glad of it for I think he deserves it. Did I tell you that I had met Mrs. Jackman's sister up in Croyden? She is very nice too.

Yes, I'm still in the Choir - but that isn't very much I'm afraid.

No, I have never yet been up to see Jennie Morris but some of the boys who have, say she is a wonderful woman. I have her address though and someday when I am in London and nothing to do, I'll drop around to see her. Well I guess that is about all for this time. Cheerio for now.