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Date: February 14th 1941

February 14, 1941

There has not been very much happening over here lately. As you know we have not had a serious air raid for nearly 2 weeks. We don't know what to make of it. Personally I think that he has either with-drawn his squadrons from France and transferred them to Sicily and Bulgaria or he is overhauling them all ready for a collossal attack against England. Well if he comes, we are ready for him and I think he will get a lot more than he is bargaining for.

Last 2 days, we were on a scheme down near Dover. While we were down there, we were camped near one of the RAF Coastal Aerdromes or rather what was left of it. I have rarely seen a piece of land so badly chewed up. There were 2 immense hangers completely riddled with shrapnel, the roof blown off, the iron girders twisted and torn, the walls buckled and cracked. Inside there were about 14 planes smashed beyond recognition and I don't know how many there were in the scrap heap outside. It was a terrible sight. The barracks too were hit and completely wrecked. The only things that escaped were the air raid shelters. So I guess things there weren't many people killed. But if there were many aerdromes treated like that, I guess Goering was right when he said they had blasted the RAF's coastal aerodromes off the map.

While we were down there, we also heard the big guns at Dover firing across the Straits and the German guns at Cape Griz Nez answering. They don't sound very different from bombs.