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Date: April 29th 1917
George Leslie


Dear Cath:

It's quite a long time since I wrote you last but I expect you've been reading the Toronto "Globe" for the past few days so you know why you haven't heard from me. Just the same old story - too busy to write. I guess you already know that Lawrence is in hospital in England with a bullet through his leg - got it just above the knee. I rec'd a letter from him three days ago & he seems to be doing pretty well but says it will be four or five months before I'll see him again. That means a nice long rest for Bobe - pretty lucky, eh what?

Say Cath who do you think I met day before yesterday - remember Doc Groves? He was in charge of a hospital in England when we were there and we didn't know it until a couple days before leaving. We didn't have time to look him up then. Friday Pete Bawden came over to see me - he is just back off a 6 weeks course in bayonet fighting - & he told me Capt. Groves was down the road aways so I went down to see him. He has been over here only a short time. Doc. looks pretty well but seems to have changed quite a bit since I saw him last - don't think I would have known him. He didn't know me at first but I guess he had some excuse - there are times when my own mother wouldn't know me out here. By the way Harry isn't going to be an airman after all - says he has changed his mind. Henry Butler has gone to hospital with a shrapnel wound in his shoulder.

You say you heard that papers with war news aren't allowed to go to the boys in the trenches. Well that is a new one on me. I've been getting the Daily Mail from home & the Standard right along. There wouldn't be much left to read if the war news was all cut out. I hope you will keep on sending them.

Well au revoir. Hope it won't be so long before I write again, but I can't make any promises. Have been getting our mail right along. Regards to all the folks -

As ever