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Date: March 6th 1917
George Leslie


Dear Cath:
Rec'd your letter of Feb 7th night before last - the 1st in our two weeks was beginning to wonder if you had been laid up with another attack of chicken pox. Still I s'pose I've no kick coming on I can't remember when I wrote you last. However this is the 1st letter I've written for nearly 3 weeks as near as I can figure so you'll understand that there's a reason. I don't know what mother will think - she will likely be worrying herself sick.

Say do you know I almost had an attack of heart failure on Mar.1 - I actually rec'd a nice long letter from Mickle. It was worked out on foolscap so I guess he must be following the example set by somebody else I know.

I'm afraid that as a seat of learning the R.C.I. must be going to the dogs.

So the 1st vice of the Y.P.S. getting a little practice occasionally eh? Ine was telling me about it too. You can see for yourself that it's not exactly a joke - it wasn't to me any way but I always made sure that I had Mrs. Shaw on hand to back me up.

Well I have to "fall in toute suite so will have to close. Winter seems to be over now & the weather is getting warmer. The ground is almost thawed out & mud is the order of the day once more.

Remember me to all.
Sincerely yours,