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Date: December 3rd 1916
George Leslie

#799147 Pte. L. Scherer
No. 2 Company
15th Can. Btn. B.E.F.
France Dec 3 1916

Dear Cath:

Your letter of Nov. 9th arrived a couple of evenings ago and was it welcome? Oh no! You see we had just come out of the trenches after putting in 12 days there and nothing suits me better when I am feeling tired than to roll up in my blanket and read a letter from the old town. I also got one from Harry & one from Ine the same night, so you see I was pretty well fixed eh, what? I was rather amused at that little accident which happened to Alma B. (perhaps you won't admire my sense of humor) but you see if it had been anyone else it would have been different. What surprised me most though, was to hear from Ine that Alma had rec'd a card from me! I don't just get the joke but I don't know of anyone France who can imitate my writing well enough to get away with it. I know I never wrote to her in my life. Ine says she called up on the phone & asked for my add. So I guess I will be getting a nice fat letter from her before long. I'd like to know what was on that card though.

Say, it just struck me that I never mentioned having rec'd that card your mother sent me in Bramshott. I got it O.K. but am sorry I couldn't look up the parties named. I will certainly call on them if I ever get the chance.

Thanks very much (in advance) for the parcel you are sending. I am certainly going to be well fixed if all my parcels reach me & I think they will for our mail is coming quite regularly now that our new add. has been fixed. I rec'd a couple of boxes from the I.O.D.E. last time we were in the line & they arrived in 1st class condition. I couldn't help laughing when I opened the latter though and saw a nice black plug of stag chewing tobacco. You remember the last night we were at the Eau & Helen wanted to know if I chewed? Ha! Ha! Well I've just as much use for it now as I had then so I cut the plug in two & gave it to two of the boys who weren't so particular about what they put in their mouths.

Well Cath. I can't write all night & I know Lawrence is waiting to use his pen so I guess I'll stop right now compre? With best wishes for a very Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year.


P.S. I guess Mick must be working pretty hard all right. I've written him twice but haven't had a line from him for months. Harry seems to be getting along fine.