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Date: May 13th 1917
Amos William

853 Nassau St. Winnipeg Man. May.13.17.

My Dear Will,

Am pleased to find I am able to hold my pen: gardening. I started raking it Friday evening - and finished at noon yesterday. And after tea last night I put in all the seeds, even the potatoes - just finished at dark. And my hands are "mighty" sore, but I am so glad it is done. The night before Mr. Jones & Mr. Faulkner said they'd put it in for me, but I saw they were not going to do anything at it last night, and I wanted to get it in before rain - its very dry. The ground was so lumpy and hard. I put in - starting in rows at the little boardwalk - sweet peas all down the fence between Faulkner's & us - then 2 rows radish - 2 lettuce - 2 beets - 3 or 4 carrots - 1 parsnips - a patch - small - of cucumber - 3 or 4 rows peas - 2 of beans - 3 dutch salts - & about 1/3 of the garden of potatoes - with citrons in 2 hills. I forgot to leave a row for tomatoes - but may get half a dozen plants & put them in among the potatoes. I have just my back gate to repair. The back screen door to put on, and then - watch the things grow. I wish I had as well 25.ft. of hose now to water it. I'll price it some day.

Well, the children rec'd their books yesterday & were delighted with them. I judge you would be out of quarantine to get them. It seems there has been an extra large lot of foreign mail in this last week. I had just the 3 letters - then the books. It is very hot weather now, one is compelled to begin to take off some of the winter garments. I unpacked all the summer dresses etc. yesterday & have to get busy right away making Shirley's longer and some new ones for Billy. It won't take long when I get started. I have just enough lace to make for one pair of pillow covers for Lena, and then will [?] her $5.75 worked out. She wanted a few more things. So I'll set out to earn a nice cosy sweater for myself I think.

Billy & I went down to Steele Briggs for our seeds on Fri. p.m. Mrs. Faulkner & Stanley were just on their way too, & we caught up to them so went together. She is very friendly this summer. I spoke of making Shirley a hat & she said she was a milliner, & would make it if I got the shape so that will be a cut in expenses. The very plainest white straw with black band is $1.00 but I expect we can fix one up - a real fancy one for 25 or 40¢ or maybe less. We are not spending much now, only just for food. The draft has not yet come; I'll wait a day or two or perhaps till your letters - or no - I'll please to see perhaps [?] there is not much use, till I get the letter. I have $38 or so and have not paid that $27 yet. They have not dunned me yet and the Emerson $100 - for April, is due any day now. If they dun, I'll pay it at once - otherwise, I'll wait till the $14 comes. Just a week until the May cheques begin to come. Mrs. Faulkner remarked how much wood we have - she thought it was 2 cord. I am hardly using a stick - only the first fire in the morning - am burning up my chips, & I'er a great heap yet. I don't know where they all come from. I think I'll get some awnings for the ends of the verandah. The Folk on both sides are out all the time, & one has so much chatting I stay in the house to miss it. It will not take much - I'll see the cost first. I have the front gate shut now and told the children all to stay out - & some not to go in on any others yards. I can't stand the kid Stanley a little showoff - & a near little begger. I wish Billy would not play with him. They have the bank out in front of our gate something like that hole they dug at Emerson & Billy's clothes are just full of clay. So I'm going to throw a pail or two of water on it a couple of times a day (to make the grass grow) & make them move off - all the kids along here, dig in it & make it too dusty - so I'll turn in at once & end it. I have been on the verandah for half an hour - and the two fire brigades went past again. That is 3 times since Wednesday. I think it was gran's pies before, but I don't know what it was this time. Being Sunday, it brought the crowd out.

Oh, there were 2 ads in the Tribune yesterday for room & board - one a room, with the breakfast & dinner (if possible) where no other roomers were kept. The other was a middle aged business wanted room & use of kitchen. I replied to both of them (to boxes in the Tribune office.) It will be interesting to see if anything comes of it. If I got the first I'd try to make it bed & breakfast.

Well I am wondering where you are now & how getting along. Last nights paper said there was a naval fight going on now. I as hope it is soon over. She does not know what to think of it. But me keeps on counting on it bring over before winter. The Tribune also find Germany is going to make another offer of peace in 4 weeks - no annexations - no indemnities - so I guess that won't go.

Mrs. Petti's dropped in a again last night and stayed till 11 as usual. I think she rather likes to come now. I am not going to make any more bread for her - I told her - just gave her 3 in all for 25¢.

It is now after 5 and I'll have to get tea. We will likely go to church - this I dislike to go worse than ever - I do not like Mr. Hatfried at all - & I can't make up my mind to go off down to Broadway alone.

I am expecting to hear you are gone to France anytime now - and if I get a boarder it will help to cheer us up a little. Oh - I forgot to tell you, that sick soldier next door - Mr. Olson who was in hospital when we came here - died at Frank, Alberta - on the 5th. Poor fellow, he lasted a long time. The soldiers next door knew him.

Well, bye, bye, my dear Will; I'll send Shirley & Billy up to mail this. I did well this week - 3 and shall send another pretty soon & some papers. Am so glad the Garden & big work is done. And I'll have more leisure.

Love & kisses from us all.
Betty xxxxx

P.S. Last letter was 28, so I am starting at 1 again.

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