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Date: February 23rd 1916
Mr. Mackenzie
W.B. Hamilton

Somewhere in Belgium
23rd Feb 1916

Dear Mr. Mackenzie,

Just a few lines this afternoon to let you know where I am and that I am very well.
I have been out at the front for about two weeks and so far have kept myself intact - though it is no fault of the Huns.

I have spent some very interesting and exciting days up on a hill about 800 yards from the German Trenches, observing our battery's fire. And on several occasions I ducked my head rather quickly - much faster than I did when the snow-balls were flying around the football field, believe me!

I have seen a good deal of fighting and destruction and it doesn't take long for one to see what a fearful war this really this is. Everything, every house, farm and village for miles around here is in ruins, excepting one or two here and there. We are billeted in one of the latter -a farmhouse in lee of a hill, but it hasn't altogether escaped.

For the last few days it has been fearfully cold and it has been snowing for two days. If it wasn't for the almost continuous artillery bombardment you might try to imagine you were in Canada, but it would a very, very hard thing to imagine.

Hoping you are all very well at the "Grove" believe me.
Yours very sincerely,
W.B. Hamilton

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