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Date: August 23rd 1918

August 23, 1918

My dear Winifred,

Had just got the Company safely entrained yesterday, including many mules, wagons tools etc. when your letter was handed over just before leaving. You have no idea how very much I enjoyed hearing from you. I do so long for letters out here, and seem to get so few From you, in particular, I enjoy getting letters, combining as you do your mother's cleverness and your father's charm, or vice versa - both are equally true, and well you do know that my affection and admiration for both is unbounded.

Of course, I cannot write you just what we have been doing, but in the last two big shows we have been very much there, and even while I write the heaviest bombardment I have heard for a year is pounding away a few miles off or less. So you have an idea you would like to become a chauffeurine in France? They certainly do splendid work. Not long ago I was returning to camp - then some distance behind the lines, when something went wrong with our lights. It was about 1a.m., and the chauffeur and I got out and were fixing i when and ambulance slowed down beside us, and a very pretty voice came out of the darkness, "Can I be of any help?" Really, the voice was so pretty that it was with reluctance I assured her that there was not much wrong.

Before the last big shows started, I spent six delightful weeks on special work farther south than we are at present. I met and dined with several French Counts and Countesses, and visited Deauville and Paris each for a Sunday, and altogether had a beautiful time of it. The last push was a huge success, thanks largely to the valour of the "Aussies" and our own Canadians.

Forgive so short a letter, and please write to me again. Very best regards to your mother and father.

With much love to yourself,

Yours very sincerely,

Hugh Lumsden.