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Date: July 18th 1915
Amos William

Emerson July 18th/15
Sunday night 10 o'clock

My Dear Betty & Kiddies:-

Welcome back to old Manitoba, I shall be waiting expectantly to greet you in Emerson - will try & have a good meal etc ready for you & a warm, warm welcome hope you had a pleasant journey. Do not forget the cocoa, you had better get a couple of large tins, also if you need anything in the way of woollens, underwear etc for yourself or children you had better see what they are in price in Wpg, for they are going up in price right along - see what they are there then you can compare the prices with those here. Mr. Furling tells me they have not put their stock here yet, but will be doing so soon - Anything [?] you need you had better get there while you have the opportunity. Am writing these few lines tonight because I shall be too busy for anything else all week, as I have been the last week painting etc - Now that I have got them started at the renovating etc I want to keep them going until everything is finished - I have Mr. Folton fixing the kitchen etc.

This is the last note I expect to write you for a long-long time. Don't run about too much in the city - so you will not be too tired when you get home - Bye-Bye sweetheart till 7pm, then for hugs & kisses for all the family, yours lovingly and expectantly


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Original Scans