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Date: May 27th 1918
Lorene (Sister)
Charles Willoughby


May 27 1918

My Dear Lorene: -

By the time this letter reaches you school will have closed and you will probably be trying your first examination - I know that by now you have fully given up the idea that there is not any use of worrying for there certainly is not. - You are going to get your matric without worrying. As a rule the worry takes two times as much out of a person as the studying and actual writing of the exams. - Dont work too hard at the last but give yourself lots of sleep and a fair amount of outdoors life during the exams. - I cannot remember a single instance where I ever learned any thing during the last night that did me any good on an examination. - So take a general glance at things is all very well but to concentrate at that period is fatal. - You have worked hard for the last few years. You deserve to pass and you are going to pass.

I certainly enjoyed your letter of a few daysago very much. Youdont ever need to imagine you write foolish letters for they are always very much the reverse. And there was more news in that particular letter than a person usually finds in the average half dozen. So just allow that idea to fade away.

By now you will have forgotten the ‘Jim' episode. - If he doesn't want to come up. don't show that you are in the least disappointed. - You have nothing to be sorry for.

Mrs Graham & Belle must have been somewhat surprised when they heard about my experience in Chicago. - I am very anxious for them to meet her. I cannot see how anyone could possibly be disappointed Can you, Lorene?

So Gord Armstrong and Ruth have called off there little stunt. - I am very glad for Ruth that it has happened. - Evidently Gord still continues his speach making propoganda according to the clipping father sent in his last note. - Thank him also for the clipping about Gord Young. I knew about Gord before. He was one of ‘our' crowd at school. And a regular prince I am awfully glad he got the D.S.O.

In answer to fathers question I would also add that if the ‘callous' really troubles him to have it operated on. - I gave him several suggestions in my letter to mother yesterday and I hope he thinks over it.

I am glad to hear your resolutions for next year. With the piano, vocal, Hawaiian ukulele or guitar I quite agree you are about to have your hands full but it is a mighty fine idea anyway.

That was a funny one about Maryon and my promotion. I didn't mention that I knew the joke in my letters as I was afraid she would feel too embarrassed. - My letters have all arrived although a little delayed. because of my new title.

I can see when you will be doing a summer of motoring and canoeing. Have a good time this summer Lorene. You deserve it after study ing So hard. - Maryon is expecting you over this summer and I am expecting you are going. - I was saying to Maryon a couple of letters ago that if I was going home next December I hoped she could be in Toronto to meet me this time - However I dont want that to interfere with her comeing over in the summer as well.

So Jim received my letter. I didnt have much to tell him in it as he knew more about this part of the country than I can ever tell him. I think I mentioned that fact in a rather prominent way.

Things are awfully quite over here lately Nobody seems to be doing a thing except a little distant artillery at nights. - Everyone is waiting and waiting for the Bosche to start his big push and all I can say is that he is going to have a mighty tough time of it when he does start

The hospitals have been so quiet the last few weeks that we have had practically nothing to do. Tomorrow if something doesn't turn up I expect we will go into dry-dock for a few days repairs.

There really is very little to write about today Lorene I will try and write to Maryon and then go to bed. Again Dont worry about your examinations. You are bound to pass - Take things fairly easy. and I certainly wish you the best of luck.

Your Loving brother