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Date: May 12th 1918
Charles Willoughby


Sunday. May 12. 1918.

My Dear Mother:

This has been an exceptionally uneventful week and one which makes it rather hard to navigate a decent letter.

We have only made one trip back to the base and are again expecting to load up today. Things are very much quieter than this were a few weeks ago.

On Friday night I had the best time I have had since I came to France. - Brock my American friend here, and I went over to the Canadian Mess I was speaking about in my last letter. - It seemed almost like home again to be in with a crowd of Canadians - They hadn't a large mess, only about half a dozen, and just the right size without being too large - They gave us an old style Canadian dinner, nothing fancy but all good and ended up with rhubarb pie - The first pie I had tasted since I left home in February. and you can imagine I certainly did justice to it. It was really ‘good' pie the only fault being there was only enough for two pieces each. - Today they are having a baseball game over at there camp and I may go one to see it if we do not load up.

A couple of days ago I received a letter from Vance, Stew & Syd all on the same mail. Wasn't it funny they should all turn up at once? Of course you knew that Stew is over here now. He seems to be fairly well up towards the line but I think the two of us must be not a great distance apart. I intend to find out more about Luce very soon - He wished to be remembered to all you people when I next wrote.

Syd seems to be having an exciting time with his night raids but is very fond of his work While Vance is evidently working the hardest of the lot back in London. He said he very often didn't get home until after eight o'clock. - That sounds pretty good for time.

The only excitement around here is to try and kill time by going for long walks so on decent days Brock and I usually start early in the mornings and keep it up all day Always finding home again for meals. - The country about here is rather flat and uninteresting but just in this part there are a few hills which add a little novelty to the walks.

Yesterday I tried to send a cable for Lorene's birthday but found the service was still suspended. - Of we go down to the ‘base' again tomorrow I will see what can be done about a cable from there. As I would certainly like to get a wire home some way even if I had to pay express rate on it.

So far there has been no Canadian mail this week. Nor American either but the week end should bring something