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Date: June 2nd 1918
Charles Willoughby


Sunday Eve. June 2/18

My Dear Mother: -

This has been an exceptionally uninteresting week. Just how I will be able to make this sound like a decent letter I cant yet see but we will probably find something to talk about before I finish.

We lay at our half way town until Wednesday when we got a load of patients for the base. We had a very short stay in the city this time as we didn't arrive until quite late and we had to be out again before dark. Then they sent us clear up to our advance loading town where we have been lying since yesterday. We are mighty glad to be on the longer run again as the other part was so short that it became absolutely uninteresting. It may be that if things continue as quiet as they have been lately that we may not actually have any more work per week. but it is good again to be more or less on the move.

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has evidently fallen into a mighty soft berth and with our good friends up in that town he should have a mighty fine time of it. Just the same I can quite realize he wants to come to France. A person has a feeling while in England that they are really not in the war Although invariably they are doing twelve times as much work as the average now over here at times.

The Germans seem to be having and interesting time of it down South - It sounds rather serious but I think they realize they are up against forcing a Peace this summer or losing. - They will never force a peace no matter how many thousands they sacrifice So the more the merrier. and they certainly are losing a pile Although we are losing a good many too. which is only reasonable

I think if I am in a position to send a cable this week-end I will do so. Probably I had letters send it to Maryon this time. It all amounts to the same thing as you will hear from her immediately

Tomorrow evening I have an invitation to a batallion mess for dinner They all seem to be very decent chaps so I should have a good time

I know this is an uninteresting letter but there is absolutely nothing to tell about - I hope you received my Answers to father's questions which I sent last week. - I might add that I have become more tanned and freckled than ever during the last few days. We have been having absolutely gorgeous weather for about a month now.