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Date: July 3rd 1916
Amos William

Sunday 10-30 P.M.

Dear Betty:-

Just a few lines or two before turning in I received your letter just before noon to day - I intended writing to you also several other letters this afternoon, but just after dinner I laid down & went off to sleep & slept through till after 4 P.M. then of course I had to get busy & get ready for supper - service etc. Well I suppose with to morrow we shall be get down to business again, there is lots of hard work ahead. It will be nice if Thorey's sister comes you may as well have two as one then you have the company etc. Did you receive the letter with cheque enclosed $ 66.80?

Mrs. Pryor was down here as well as Mrs. Spick but I didn't see much of them. I guess they are having a rough time of it at Emerson - wonder what the end will be? have met several of our Baptist pastors in camp here, they have left their churches in disgust & donned the [?].

Well dear I'll have to lay down my pen before lights out goes do not expect to have much time to write before Tuesday evening as I am going on Battalion Orderly Sergeant to morrow & shall not come off duty until Tuesday P.M. My best love to the kiddies & yourself


xxxxxxxxx Betty
xxxxxxxx Shirley
xxxxxxxx Billy

(an illustration of his growing moustache)

A report has just come to camp that Ostend has been retaken by British with 50,000 German prisoners, also that the Kaiser has been shot. Wonder if it's true, not likely.
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