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Date: June 12th 1916
Amos William

291494 Corp A.W.M.
C. Company
No 12 Platoon
222nd Battl C.E.F.
Camp Hughes

Sunday 12-30

Write as often as you can & remember me kindly to the Gunns

My Dear Betty:-

Have just returned from dinner which consisted chiefly as far as I was concerned of bread, butter & tea, the bread & butter is very good & as long as there is plenty of that I won't grumble. We had church parade this morning, it was not so good as last Sunday we couldn't hear a word of the service & it was pretty much of a farce at the close the bands played the "Funeral March" in memory of Earl Kitchener it was certainly too bad to lose such a man & in such a way at such a time, It seemed like a personal loss to me however I suppose he had done his work & done it well. I received your letter yesterday dear telling me of wood etc, & am indeed looking forward to seeing what our little home looks like when I come, I'll try & fix the back yard, but in the meantime hadn't you better get a man to split your wood & throw it down the cellar? It seems as though I have not really seen the cottage, that is as home etc, however I hope to spend a day or two from time to time with you & you must try & arrange to be free etc at these times so we can have a good time together with the children. I don't know yet about next week or rather this week end, if I come it will be on Friday & I shall be getting in (C.P.R.) about 9 P.M. I'll try & let you know later. I am feeling more settled now, also am a good deal more comfortable - up to yesterday I was sleeping in a tent with 10 other men, but last evening, the Quarter Master Sergt of C Coy asked me to come & stay with him, he is a very nice fellow, & we have a tent to ourselves, which is more than most have here, altogether things are a great deal nicer than they have been then again the men have for the idea some-how or other that I am to be chaplain of the Battln & it is making quite a difference. I had the honor of acting as Platoon Commander on Church Parade, the Lieutenant being absent, & when the Colonel inspected the platoon he spoke quite nicely & called me Mr Mayse

I shall not have anything to do with Mr Miles, for which I am very-very glad, he is not liked by either officers or men & yesterday morning the men refused to drill for him, & the Company Commander Cap't Bingham (a very fine fellow) sent him to another Platoon & told him that he had to cut out the bullying & cursing. My Platoon Commander is very nice indeed = he is a Catholic. I received your letter & papers last evening also the small parcel this morning the belt is fine let me know as soon as you receive the cheque & M. Order. Don't I long for a sight of you & the kiddies, hug & kiss them for me. With fondest love & God bless & keep you dear, yours lovingly


xxxxxxxxx Mother
xxxxxxxxx Shirley
xxxxxxxxx Billy

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