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Date: June 10th 1916
Amos William

Saturday 4 p.m.
Corpl A.W. Mayse
No 12 Platoon
C Coy 222nd Battl
Camp Hughes

(Have only spend a
little more than a
dollar since I left

My Dear Betty:-

Was hoping to get a letter from you this morning but it may be along with the evenings mail. We are getting settled down by degrees - but oh my it has been rough especially on some the weather has been so hot too - five men were taken off parade yesterday ‘sunstroke' one of them died in the evening. I am still corporal but I have reason to think that my promotion will come if I possess myself with patience & show my efficiency its = It has also been intimated to me that I am to get the chaplaincy of the Battalion when time comes for the appointment to be made I was told this in confidency by a person who heard the officers discussing the matter & my name was the only name mentioned, then this morning the colonel? (Lightfoot) was speaking to me, & told me that he was giving me 1,100 hymn books & a piano to use for services among the men, so this looks very much as though I was in line for the chaplains appointment. Of course I was not going to build my hopes etc upon getting this post - I have already learned not to expect too much but I have always had confidence in Lightfoot that he would do the right thing & I think he will though I had given up all hope of the chaplaincy. You know of course if this comes it will mean being made Captain with about $5,00 a day etc etc, however dear Betty don't count on it at all & whatever does happen things are going to turn out alright in the end, and I am settling down anyway to do my duty in whatever capacity I am acting I'm learning a few more of life's lessons alright. I am enclosing in this letter cheque for $ 24.60 also order for $ 10.00 making total of $ 34.60, am trying to be as economical as possible though it is mighty hard sometimes to keep from buying cake - ice cream - fruit etc you shall have every dollar that I can possibly spare, I guess that I'll be able to let you have $ 10 certain & maybe $ 15 per month - Be sure to let me know if you are getting your different allowances alright & how much.

I would not change the address for the Patriotic yet I wrote to Mr. Berry the other day & maybe you'll get a readjustment of your allowance, I hope so anywhere.

Well dear how are you getting along & the babies, my I wish I could walk in on you, shall try & get a pass for next weekend but don't know for sure yet. Remember me to Gunns & thank them for me, must close now dear. Best love & kisses to my babies & sweetheart

Yours lovingly

xxxxxxx Betty
xxxxxxx Shirley
xxxxxxx Billy

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