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Date: October 7th 1917
Amos William

No.4 Canadian General Hospital
Hants Oct 7 /17

My Dear Betty:-

You will notice by the above that I have been sent from the Convalescent Home back again into Hospital - The air raids of last week sent my nerves off again & I have been having quite a time with insomnia - how ever I hope that in this quiet place along with the treatment that I am getting I shall soon be alright again - my wounds are perfectly healed, & you will be glad to know dear that I am none the worse, except for a few more scars, which will be out of sight.

It is now twelve weeks almost three months since I was wounded, how time flies - but yet what an experience had been crowded into that time, for both of us - days & weeks of suspense & worry for you & long days & longer nights of pain & sleeplessness & home-sickness for me. However we will still look out to the best which is yet to come, & trust & pray that it may come soon. When you write to Betty, send all letters in care of Bella, & not Rose. My place of abode will be so unsettled for some time to come that it will be the better way & it will only make a difference to me of a day or two, I have my reasons for asking them to be sent to Bella & not to Rose. I think I told you Betty (or did I?) that the old house had been broken up, & Father has gone to stay with Bella, & Mother with Rose.

Father had to quit work at last & while he has a little laid by - (I don't know how much) I know he foolishly put quite a little in those rotten oil & gold mine concerns over there = Well Rose & Mother did not rest satisfied until the change was made - Mother has always wanted to leave Father (she is very much like Billy in temperment)

So Rose without consulting either Bella or myself & while I was lying helpless in hospital - made & carried through all the arrangements, I forgot to say that at the same time, Bella & Bob were watching waiting & praying with their poor baby, (& you know how that goes) = Well when all arrangements had been made to their satisfaction, they wrote me asking what I could do, etc. etc. Well I was in no condition for this extra worry & there need have been no need of it & would have been no need of it if our offer of a year or two ago had been excepted. (& I am certainly glad now that we asked them to come out to us) Well I could not help but write & tell both rose & Mother, what I thought of their hurried disposal of things, in which each one of us children should have had a voice at least, also I said that my say in regard to their treatment of poor old Dad, Well that is the way things stand at present - the worry & trouble of it all coming at such a time has served large to aggravate my trouble or sickness - however I have had to stop as far as it is possible for me to do so bothering any more about it, I must think of myself & you dear ones just now, & I have told both Rose & Mother that having gone through with the business on their own - they must be prepared to have the responsibility of it, for a time or at least until circumstances are such, that I can or rather that we can see what we can do for Father & Mother. I told then that we should do what we cold towards their support should it be necessary & I know you will agree with me in this = but in the meantime I can not in fairness to both you & the kiddies, as well as myself do anything, my hands are tied. Am very sorry that you should be bothered at all with our family troubles as you have been.

However for the time being both Father & Mother will be alright, Father is at Bella's (& I am glad to know that he will at last be comfortable & they have enough to support themselves for some time to come. One of these days when I am out of hospital & get my leave, I shall be able to see Father & find out just how he is fixed financially, But I am afraid that I shall not care about seeing either Rose or Mother just yet. Well dear I must close for I have been writing too long & I can feel these old nerves of mine beginning to assert themselves. Don't worry any about me, its only a matter of time, I received a letter from Ruby the other day, along with the two you sent to Rouen France. I have not heard from any-one else among your people or Mr Smalley.

By the time you receive this you will be getting some cold weather, I hope dear that you have all your preparations completed for winter - I want to think of you being comfortable. My dearest love to yourself & my kiddies. God bless & keep you.

Your lovingly


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