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Date: October 7th 1916
Amos William

Camp Hughes
Oct 7/16
Saturday 7th
10-15 P.M

My Dear Betty:-

You will be dissappointed? At not receiving a letter for two days, but the fact of the matter is we are being rushed like anything we drill all day on Saturday now & are also working on Sunday, I shall certainly be glad to leave here though the thought of leaving you & the kiddies is like tearing ones heart out.

There is no word yet of date of leaving, the 209th just received orders this afternoon to entrain[?] on Monday 9th & they are not getting any final leave - if ours come as sudden as that I shall take french leave for 24hrs anyway & put up with the consequences, but I feel sure that we shall get a short leave - I wish that I could be with you for Thanksgiving I shall be thinking of you. Oh about the potatoes you had better get them at 65 cts you will not get them any cheaper.

Am glad that you met Miss Reiel I don't think that she is the kind to back on ones friends, As to Money I honestly think dear Betty that if you can get some-one else to board you had better let her go for if she is so untidy etc in her room, no one else would care to share a room with her.

I was thinking that if you went up to Normal as you suggest you might find some one or two & then when the next normal class commences you would find it easy to get others to take their place & so on, after all money isn't the kind of company you can appreciate, kind of shallow & undependable! The Separation, the cheque should have been for $35.00 to pay up arrears to end of September, (July - August - September) so that there is still $5.00 coming to you, you had better drop a line to Ottawa telling them that I was promoted to Sg't June 21st 1916 - it will do no harm - & if you do not get it I guess we'll have to let it go - anyway I'm glad that they have made it $25.00, The Patriotic if they increase it to $20.00 I would not notify Emerson unless they write you don't say anything its likely anyways that they will know of the increase if it is made - from now on your income will be $80.00 per month, & you will have 3 months to come this year, will you not. there will be no more insurance until March 15th & that you need not pay until April 15th, so you will have a good chance to get ahead; during the next 6 months your outlay for the big things will be roughly.

Taxes - light - water $35.00
Insurance $75.00
Clergyman's $ 5.00 I would keep this paid up
John Geroge's $30.00
Mortgage Interest ect $116.00 8 months interest 66.00 50$ on principal
Fire Insurance $10.00

Income for 6 months $480.00

Leaving you say $200 for living expenses with free butter, meat etc already bought - about $34.00 per month - So Betty don't skimp yourselves I want to think of you as being comfortable & getting lots of good things to eat etc.

About Sunday School, I would not begin just now coming on Winter - you will see if anyone calls again, & decide for yourself, it might be nice to keep in touch with our own church etc. Must by up now, as it is "Lights Out" "Good Night" sweetheart with best love & kisses to you & kiddies God bless & keep you


Sunday 10 am

Just returned from Church Parade - a nice day - will mail this right away, goodbye dear-


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