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Date: June 17th 1917
Amos William

853. Nassau st, Winnipeg. Can.

June 17 - 17.

My dear Will.-

Sunday p.m. and Shirley at Sunday School. Billy has been sick since Friday a "billions attack, I guess"-fevered - & vomiting on Fri - yesterday temp 102, in the p.m. and not eating any thing. I thought it might be German measles. Mertie came & saw him, & while she was here I phoned Dr. Mc Rae. He said very likely it was measles that they are sometimes quite- sick- & just to keep him in. He is better today- & eating a little - no rash - so I think it was just a sick stomach.

I have had a letter from you since I wrote 2nd from France. I have been addressing letters "Serg't" all along- but will start [?] again this one. I shall be glad if you get [?] stripe again soon. You will likely have [some more?] letters before this. After you are there a while they will likely reach you more quickly. I hope you get them, Even tho late. I went up to No. 28 again & then started at 1. again. This is No. 10. - so there were 17 on the way since your last letter came. You were at 21 then.

Mr. Foreman came just there, & took Billy's & my photo. (Shirley is at S.S.) - standing at the gate. He took Billy this little girl holding hands - out in the front. Will take Shirley & Billy together some time. Thorey & Anna are to be over this p.m. and will be bringing the bench Anna took - so perhaps I can have one to send in this. They will likely just have samples of each. They will be taking more today. I am [?] out in my old pink [?] for the first time this summer. - it's very hot to day.

Billy has been asking all sorts of questions about you & at last he says - "He might have an arm off or anything, - I am so worried about him." He wants to know if you were the first soldier in France - & if you passed the rifles around etc.

On Friday eve, Mrs. & Miss Hargrave, & a Miss Kelly came to see us. They seem very nice, and I was pleased to meet them. They are going to have us over - will set a time - Miss Hargrave shouted back that to tell Shirley [that?] she was coming to take her for a ride in her new car some perhaps she will come & take us over. They live one street past Broadway Baptist Church [?].

You are meeting quite a few old "neighbors" That "Sharke" did not go to school to me - but I knew his father, & mother, & a couple of sisters - teachers. You mentioned the garden - I am afraid it is not going to amount to much. - too dry for so long. There is a fine crop of weeds and as I don't expect to wash this week, I think I'll pull weeds early in the morning to - morrow - [?] The onions are doing o.k. The potatoes are coming along- beet no sign of much of the small stuff yet. Was just looking & see the peas are coming up at last. Once they come up that I can see where they are, I can attack the weeds. I did a monster washing on Friday - to use up all the [?] soft water. Have my wool blankets, and some quilts - I'd like to do yet. - have the barrel & tank full - besides the bath tub & small wash tubs.

It was in your 2nd last you mentioned the $125. It has not come, and tho' you may have investigated it over there - & it will be weeks before I know, I am going to try to find out where to address my enquierey to, and write about it. I came across the letter where you said it was Lloyd's Bank - so I can get the manager at the [?] Branch to tell me where to write, so perhaps we [?] hunt it out between us. In my [?] [?] you say "financial statement", I was down Thursday & sent the $5.°° to Bella also 3 rolls [?] you (It costs about twice as much to send [parcel ?] France as to Eng. I am going to enquire the [?] a daily - or weekly direct to you - price may be cheaper).

I see that the Patriotic are deciding (for as against) giving an increase of $2.°° for each child, instead of just $2.°° per mo. It will be taken up on the 20th. Wed. That will mean $4.°° for me. We can use it. It costs [?] - even dying has gone up - funeral expense land etc.

Our neighbors are keeping their eye on their son a little better lately. There was need for it too.

Oh - I met Tillie, in Eatons - just as I said I would. We passed right close by each other - but she did not recognize me. I knew her; and when she was past I turned and watched her. There was no mistake - for she was so like you - her walk - set of her hands etc. I had been looking at the corsets - & just came away & she went right where I left. I poked round & watched her quite a while but was afraid to go & speak. I felt like bawling, - it was like seeing you. - She is very thin, - thinner a lot than when she came out. - was dressed very well - blue suit and light straw sailor. I really wanted to go & speak to her - only I am so afraid of her [?] [?] For us. Should I have spoken to her? She [?] see us at all.

[I?] [forgot?] to tell you that I registered for you too. [?] I have not written since. It was Thurs [?]. Mr. Quinsey was "in the chair" giving in his when we went - but I don't know he saw us - so I did not speak to him. I have not met him yet. I can vote now - but I expect I'll save mine for special occasions. Shirley has written you a letter too, and I gave her a stamp this time. I got her a box of paper. I was to mail your box yesterday but Billy was too sick, so I am counting on taking it down tomorrow. I have not as much to put in it as I wanted, but guess it will be better to send not too much & send often. I got a bit more than a pound of fruit cake, (40¢ [?]. some loaf sugar - a tin each of prepared coffee, & cocoa, - all it needs is the hot water, - a tin of Oxo, some maple sugar, & a cake of chocolate - a 55¢ tin old Chum - cake of soap - pair of laces - envelopes, & paper (Emerson paper.) I will likely put in some ginger snaps this time. I will send some "McLarens cheese", if I can get it, marmalade, sardines etc next time, Tho if I can get them before I do up the parcel, I will put these in. Be sure to tell me the condition it arrives in, For I am going to try a new [?] that I heard some are doing [?] packing. [?] getting it off right away : am sorry it was so [?] getting off.

[?] complaining away so I'll have to go and [?] in a while. Thorey phoned that they are not coming. Anna is on duty - & I am just as glad. Shirley was telling me it was cold in school these wet days. - That she sits right near the alligator (radiator) & felt it, & it was cold. I think she must be one of the best in in the class for the teacher let her read out of her reader - & no one else. so likely a thunder shower.

I had a letter from my old "Auntie Beck" - she is still undecided as to coming out for a trip. Was in Carlelin P. when she wrote, - but was going to write again when she went home would decide then. I am still watching the ad's for a boarder - they are all men just now. I put the Gunn boys in the way of getting a job - told them of an ad in the Tribune so they got a route.

It has been "thundery" this p.m. and There is a little shower in on now (just Church time) - & a rainbow.

Where are you now, we are always wondering. Billy wanted to know yesterday what I'd do if you came home. Would I kiss & hug you. He was going to see that we did [?] you any way. I wonder when you will [?]. Mr Foreman came in to phone, & asked if it was [?] photo on the piano, so I showed him our wedding [?] the big college groups[?] & some smaller ones - He [?]. father is a Meth. Minister - in Eng (old.) I will close now, & mail this tonight or in the morning. Billy is still dull tho' better - says he is tired, and he feels hot. I expect he will be all right in a day or two. (I got my In. OK, on the 14th, - It always comes on the 14th) I hope you are safe and well, and hope & pray that that it will soon be over, and that you will be home before long. Almost 8 months away now. It seems a long, long time - and if we could only look forward to any time when we were to expect you home. Good-bye for now & God bless & keep you safe. Love & kisses from all to
dear daddy. Betty. [?]

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