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Date: October 17th 1916
Amos William

Camp Hughes
Oct 17 /16 6:30 p.m.

My Dearest Betty:-

Arrived O.K. last night, it was a pretty cold night, the water pipes were all frozen this morning. I certainly felt the good of the pyjamas they are fine you could not have got anything better. I'm going to get lots of comfort out of them especially the next two weeks; when we woke this morning it began to snow, & it has been at it all day & is still going it; it sure had been a peach of a day, about 6" of snow now & the wind blowing, its going to be a cold - cold night, & a Manitoba blizzard, I hope it clears up before Wednesday evening as I am for guard. Well, I had the honor of traveling down to Camp Hughes with the Colonel & gained some information which I guess is pretty authentic - Briefly it is this = We leave for overseas on Nov 2nd, & are to get 3 or 4 days leave = It seems that General John Hughes is going over to England to command a Canadian Division & as our Battalion is the best all round Battn in Camp Hughes, he is keeping us to go with him - We are the best shooting battalion in camp & our machine gun section have come out 1st of all the Battn's in Canada & generally we hold 1st place for all round efficiency, of course this means that we shall not be broken up like the others when we get across, but shall cross over to France at an early date as a battalion.

So all being well I shall be home some time next week for final pass & if the weather keeps like this it is very probable that we shall come into Wpg & stay there until we leave for overseas.

Will you be able to let me have $10°°? I shall not need it until I see you again - but I don't want you to go without a little cash, no doubt when I get settled in England, I'll be able to send you it back along with more as I am able but don't run yourself short. Am very very glad to think when I see this snow etc - that you have everything so handy.

Kisses & hugs for kiddies & yourself. Good night & God bless you.


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